Are you a fan of the Star Wars movie series?

Star Wars movie series have bagged many accolades over the years. It is an important part of American Pop Culture.

You must be aware of the famous Jedi lightsaber.

A lightsaber is shown as a weapon to fight the enemies.

The lightsaber gained a lot of popularity and was very well associated with Star Wars movie.

So, let’s learn more about the famous lightsaber in this article.

I will tell you all about lightsabers; from what lightsaber is to its components, different types and I will also discuss top eight realistic lightsabers.

So, let’s begin.

What is Lightsaber?

A lightsaber is a fictional weapon featured as an energy sword in the Star Wars movie series. It is shown as a luminescent blade of magnetically contained plasma about 3 feet (0.91 m) in length emitted from a metal hilt around 10.5 inches (27 cm) in length. This weapon can be used to cut burn or melt through blast doors or enemies. It leaves burned wounds in flesh. An active lightsaber energy blade gives off a distinctive hum. It rises in pitch and volume as the blade moves rapidly through the air. This lightsaber with various versions has been used as signature weapon of both the Jedi Order and their Sith counterparts.

Components of Lightsaber

  1. Blade Emitter
  2. Main Hilt
  3. Focusing Ring
  4. Pommel Cap
  5. Hand Grip
  6. Controls
  7. Red or Blue Kyber Crystals
  8. Energy Core

Types of Lightsabers

  1. Standard
  2. Double-bladed
  3. Curved Hilt
  4. Shoto
  5. Lightwhip
  6. Cross-saber
  7. Protosaber
  8. Darksaber
  9. Lightsaber pistol
  10. Forcesaber

Top 8 Realistic Lightsabers

1.   Signature Series Anakin Skywalker

It is the most recognizable lightsaber from the movie. It has good weight to it and emits the iconic power hum. Though it is heavy, you can remove the blade and attach the hilt to your belt and it turns out great for cosplay.

2.   Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren

It comes with a stand that balances it perfectly and makes it appear to be floating. The cross guard blades are included in this three and a half feet long light saber. It also has motion sensitive sound effects.

3.   Signature Series Obi-Wan Kenobi

This lightsaber version glows brightly but its blue color is as calming and ethereal as the Jedi Master himself. It makes a real clashing sound when contact is made. Blade can also be removed from the hilt and there is a detachable belt clip.

4.   Black Series Luke Skywalker

Black series lightsaber is famous among collectors. It has genuine metal hilt and includes a simple stand that props it up without detracting from its appearance.

5.   Signature Series Force Darth Vader

It features the deep blood-red glow of the weapons preferred by Sith lords. It makes a specific noise when you power it on and off. The base displays the Star Wars logo.

6.   Dark Side Rey Limited Edition

This model existed only in a vision experienced by one of the characters of Star Wars. It is made as limited edition version and only 750 replica pieces were produced, and its stand sports a commemorative plaque.

7.   Black Series Darth Maul

It is the same weapon used by the villain from “The Phantom Menace.” You can buy two of these light sabers to attach it just like in that movie. It has durable metal hilt.

8.   Signature Series Mace Windu

This series can impress the Star Wars fans with its motion -controlled sound effects that activates as you show off your moves.

Cultural Impact

·      Merchandise

With the popularity of Star Wars, replicas of lightsabers came into market and were sold as merchandise. From inexpensive plastic toys to the deluxe replicas which use LED-lighted tubes and sound effects to create a close audio-visual representation of what is seen on screen.

Disneyland sells a complete lightsaber-themed churros. There is a Savi’s Workshop where you can build your own lightsaber and choose the color of your choice.

·      Attractions

At Disneyland a live show called, Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple is held where the children are selected to learn the teachings of the Jedi Knights, the Force, and the basics of Lightsaber combat.

·      Games

As the era of motion-controlled video games came in, players got the opportunity to use an in-game lightsaber with their own hands. In the 7th generation of video game consoles, several Star Wars video games are available on the Wii and one on the Xbox 360. You can use motion controls to use a lightsaber through arm gestures.

Why You Can’t Have A Real Lightsaber?

Though fans are crazy about lightsabers and they want to have one of their own, science proves that it is not scientifically possible because of the following reasons:

·      The Science of Light

Light has no mass therefore it has no such properties that a sword has. Light cannot repel another light, let alone long-range projectiles. The other problem with having a blade of light: There is no way to stop a shaft of light at a particular length without some kind of a cap. And if we put a cap on it the lightsaber will no longer have the ability to stab.

·      Impossible Combat

Lightsabers in Star Wars are shown as an ultimate weapon that is capable of slicing through just about anything and deflecting blaster bolts. But in real the lightsaber is only defensive against another lightsaber. Having a blade of light means that it has ‘blade’ with no mass, this is not possible in real.

·      Plasma is Hot

The main ingredient in the construction of a lightsaber is plasma units, which cause the plasma “light” to be bent through the crystal. This gives the blade different lengths and colors. But the issue is that plasma is extremely hot. Even if you make it cold, it is still too hot for the human hand to hold. So, lightsaber can never be made of plasma.

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