What is Anne Pro 2 ?

Anne Pro 2 is a perfect 60 mechanical gaming keyboard.The frame of Anne Pro 2 is made of plastic and keys are made of PBT material,Even if you use it for a long time, the text on your keycaps will not disappear.The quality of the Anne Pro 2 keyboard is very good.It’s very easy to carry ,So if you need a good mechanical keyboard to work outside, Anne Pro 2 is a good choice for you.

Anne Pro 2 has powerful wireless Bluetooth function,This means you can have a tidy desktop without worrying about too many USB cables.Anne Pro 2 also supports pairing 4 devices at the same time, and can quickly switch between different devices,so it’s easy to answer text on your ipad with the Anne Pro 2 when you work on your computer,You can take care of various devices with just a Anne Pro 2 keyboard. Devices of Mac OS, Windows(8+), Linux, IOS,  and Android could be connected directly to the Anne Pro 2 via Bluetooth. The wired connection is also smooth and unobstructed with a reinforced usb to type-c cable.The battery capacity of 1900mh can also bring excellent battery life to the keyboard, so you can take out the outdoors for long-term work.

Anne Pro 2 has a customizable real backlight, you can use Anne Pro 2 software to set your own backlight for your keyboard, not only has thousands of backlight colors, you can also choose a variety of backlight modes.This will make your desktop very cool!

Anne Pro 2 software is very powerful, its ability to reprogram each key with macros and good compatibility makes it ideal for Gaming and working,This high-efficiency feature makes Anne Pro 2 a powerful keyboard for survivability, which can improve user efficiency.

Anne Pro 2 has a variety of key switches for users to choose, The typing quality of this keyboard is comfortable, While the keys feel a bit soft, they are very stable, and the typing is very accurate, there will be no wrong pressing, unless you Own problem.

Anne Pro 2 can also customize your own keycaps. When you buy Anne Pro 2, you will also receive Anne Pro 2 color keycaps with the package. If you want to make your keyboard more unique, there are also many Store can Purchase Anne Pro 2 keycaps. One thing to note is that Anne Pro 2 does not support swappable. Perhaps you can expect the next generation of products to support this feature.

The summary is that Anne Pro 2 is an excellent 60 mechanical gaming keyboard in every aspect, which can meet your various needs and has an excellent typing experience. However, there are many fake websites on the market, please go to the official Anne Pro 2 website order online, get free shipping and official warranty.