Never delay your health screening because a timely diagnosis may save your life. You can enjoy life only if you are in the pink of health. Thus, it makes sense to find time for regular health screening. You will get dual health benefits. Firstly, the screening will check your overall health status. Secondly, doctors may diagnose a condition well before it develops into a severe disease or health risk. 

An ideal health screening allows customization according to your health status. The doctor may assess several health factors like your age, lifestyle, medical history, etc., and recommend tests accordingly. In this article, let us learn about the points you need to consider for health screening in Singapore

Which Tests Should I Select? 

In most clinics, you can customize the packages, but you should choose some necessary tests which check your sugar, cholesterol, and blood count levels, and more. 

Women should opt for blood count tests and thyroid scanning since they are in the high-risk category for anaemia and thyroid cancer. 

  1. Urine and stool tests 

These tests can detect 

  • Bleeding in urinary or gastro tracts, by detecting the occult or microscopic blood 
  • Standard infections 
  1. Blood tests 

Blood tests are necessary to check the following: 

  • To check cholesterol, sugar, or uric acid levels
  • Level of iron, folate, and vitamins, especially to rule out anaemia and osteoporosis 
  • The functioning of kidney, liver, and thyroid, mostly for diabetic and alcoholic patients
  • Screening for common infections like Hepatitis A/B, Rubella 
  • Syphilis, HIV, and H. Pylori infections to rule out stomach ulcers or cancer
  • Cancer markers 
  1. Radiological Investigations 

Such investigations check if there are any stones or tumours, or any structural issues. They involve the use of ultrasounds, X-rays, and mammograms. Doctors can also suggest scanning of thyroid, gallbladder,  bladder, and kidney. 

The investigations may detect the following: 

  • Breast cancer by using ultrasound and mammogram in women above 40 
  • Cysts, fibroids, and cancers in older women by using the ultrasound 
  • Liver cirrhosis and cancer in Hepatitis B patients and habitual drinkers, who are at a high risk 
  1. Treadmill ECG 

It is an ideal test for 

  • Checking risk of getting heart disease 
  • Check the present status of people with sedentary lifestyles planning to start active workouts 

If You Are On Medication For Chronic Conditions 

You can continue to take those medicines. However, do not take diabetic medication before a fasting test; else, your results will be hypoglycemic. It would be best not to take high BP or other medicines that reduce your heartbeat; otherwise, your treadmill ECG tests may not give correct results. Just to be sure, do consult your doctor on the necessary pre-screen procedures you should follow. 

Ideal Age for Health Screening 

Officially, it would be best if you started regular screening after the age of 40. But generic conditions like high BP and high cholesterol can happen even in the twenties. You don’t lose anything by starting early.  Moreover, you will do fewer tests if you go at a younger age. 

What To Do In Case Of Unusual Results 

If there are abnormal findings in a health screening, the doctor may suggest lifestyle changes, supplements, or medication, depending upon your health attitude. 

For instance, if screening finds high levels of fats or triglycerides, the doctor usually advises limiting alcohol consumption and changing food habits. If the patient is not keen on that, he may suggest fish oil supplements to remedy the situation, or else the patient will be required to take medicines to control the condition. 

Everyone knows very well that health is wealth. Hence, it is never too late to start a regular health screening.