A Review Of The Attribution Service By Adobe

Adobe is well known for its productivity suite of apps but despite their prowess in the world of digital art and illustration, Adobe is in another league of its own with a plethora of business application designed for the complex business world. One such software is Adobe Analytics. It is marketing attribution software that shows the effect of each client interaction that the business participates in.

Who is this tool for?

Adobe Analytics Cloud was specifically designed for very large enterprises with highly customized analytics requirements.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Adobe Analytics Cloud can be somewhere in the range of $25,000 to $250,000this and above. The amount depends on the site’s traffic volume, level of service, and other specific requirements. This figure beyond any doubt sounds costly from the point of view of a small or medium-sized business, yet it is definitely justified even despite the speculation on the off chance that you have a site with high traffic volume. In any case, basically, Adobe charges you for the server calls/hits that you get. The hit limit will depend on your plan/price. You should check on adobe forum or contact them to know the amount it would cost to run Adobe Analytics Cloud.

What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Adobe Analytics Cloud enables you to monitor and track the performance in real time of your marketing campaigns, monitor and create different types of data segments for remarketing, it works with absolute minimum information inactivity, as well as amid heavy traffic periods and you can do a lot more. Adobe Analytics Cloud integrates with a wide range of native and 3rd party tools to easily bring in 3rd party data to the tool.


The tool is amazingly flexible. The potential outcomes for section creation so as to refine collected data for analysis and reporting are endless. You can use the different tools available for hypothetic analysis, representations, harvesting clickstream data, and creating comprehensive reports. Adobe frequently updates Analytics with the latest and useful features. Scheduling reports are easy and flexible. The customer service is great, fast, reliable, and highly communicative. The tool Report Builder also integrates seamlessly with Excel. You can automatically import Adobe report into Excel which makes analytics reporting way easier.


Despite it being very useful and packed with features, Adobe analytics has some peculiar shortcomings that it needs to be worked on. The interface is not intuitive and can be overwhelming for creating and analyzing data. Its mobile app tracking feature needs a lot of improvement and fine-tuning. And the tool also needs to improve its attribution modeling and cross-device measurement capabilities.

Sometimes Adobe Analytics can be slow, and sometimes certain tools will simply not work. Data Warehouse can also be very slow. It is not a very flexible and tolerant tool, and you will have to log in frequently because you will be logged out of your account after a short time of inactivity.

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