A review of Jukeboxy, the app based music-for-business service

Everywhere we turn in today’s digital age, we are exposed to an array of mobile apps offering a new way to accomplish virtually any task at the touch of a finger, and the future won’t stop coming – a new crop of apps, start-ups, and platforms have appeared on technology’s cutting edge that continue to reinvent both business and leisure at a quicker and quicker pace. Suddenly, the impossible becomes simple.

Among the many that have joined the fray, Jukeboxy, the app based music-for-business service, stands out against the crowd. Jukeboxy is easy to use and customizable, designed to achieve a superior music experience at any business.



Jukeboxy offers App and Desktop player as well as a hardware device for wired connection and a Manager App to cover every aspect of the music listening and managing experience. Jukeboxy Venue Player plays music continuously at the subscribed business and runs on virtually any platform. Multiple locations? Not a problem. Jukeboxy Manager App allows owners/managers to control the music from a smartphone or tablet with options to push or create a playlist, skip song, and much more. The coolest part is Jukebox Manager App functions remotely – literally from anywhere with a wireless or mobile data internet connection. Their recent integration with Sonos Speaker System allows businesses to use Jukeboxy Music for Business through their Sonos System.


Jukeboxy differentiates itself from competitors in many ways, but the advanced features (scheduling tool, remote access, custom playlists), music curation service, and dedicated mobile customer support boil down to Jukeboxy’s overarching mission: provide the best possible music service that caters specifically to the business customer. Don’t get me wrong, free personal radio is a big win for anyone who listens to music, but Jukeboxy’s business model, technology, and team are hyper-focused on the needs of the busy manager/owner looking for a musical atmosphere that is appropriate, licensed, and high-quality.

Jukeboxy Music Service for Business, can be installed literally any business that plays music for its customers: hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, gyms, healthcare offices, and many more. Beyond that, Jukeboxy is perfect for special events and parties: just sign up, download the app, and plug in to speakers. Play music from a tablet, smartphone, iPod and Computer. Jukeboxy also offers audio-messaging for establishments who broadcast messages to their customers.

When a business owner subscribes to the music service, Jukeboxy extends their broad licensing solution to the customer to offer access to 25 million songs that span the libraries of the three major PROs ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.

The Jukeboxy Team goes beyond providing access to great music with their curation and music management services. If a customer has a specific musical need, Jukeboxy can create an appropriate playlist for you within days and keep managing the playlists for you. It is like having an in-house DJ or a music director at your venue. With founders and employees that are also musicians and DJs, Jukeboxy is actually “about the music”.


With customers across the nation, from hotels to coffee shops, Jukeboxy has already proven that they are here to stay and that they will continue creating high-quality music for their customers.


Join the Jukeboxy experience now and start hearing great music within minutes with their 14-Day free trial offer.


Imagine this: an eco-system of music that interconnects bars, restaurants, gyms, and more to today’s tech-savvy consumer. Imagine a brand with integrity. Imagine a team that loves music more than money and stays up on the latest tech trends. Imagine a company that makes sure artists and publishers receive recognition for their work. Imagine a company that provides a platform for independent bands and DJs. Now stop imagining. It’s happening right now, with Jukeboxy.

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