Poket was found in 2013. It designs loyalty programs and CRM ad rewards both, buyers and customers. Just like other people, you too must find it confusing and irritating to carry so many loyalty cards or vouchers. Poket believes that it’s time to change. They tried to make their poket slim and remove all the papers and plastic from it. Most of the people use conventional thinking to solve this problem, and that is why, they removed ‘c’, meaning conventional from the pocket and that’s where the name, poket came from.

In this article, you will get to know about the benefits of poket. Not just that, but why is it essential for your business, how can you create a loyalty program and what is the pricing method. Let’s get on with it!


Poket has all in one digital customer reward solution. Which means that poket helps you to increase the repeat sale and also attract new customers towards your business. Not just that, poket also helps you use multiple powerful tools to let you engage and excite your customers. Your customers will become your regular customers and they will later refer your business to other people as well.

Poket is quite is easy to use. You don’t have to get into hassle every time. Poket is also available in your phones. You just have to download the application and you can start your own customer reward programs in less than ten minutes. One important way to get your customers to become our regular customers is to understand their spending habits. With poket’s advanced tools, you can have a sharp view of your transactions.

People who say that you have to spend a lot on a highly effective loyalty program are lying. Poket provides you great technology at a very affordable price. One that you cannot find in the whole market. Poket also lets you engage with your buyers with some specific communication channels so that they can contact easily. Poket also gives you the choice of evolving your business in to something bigger. It lets you develop your preferred loyalty program so that more customers engage.

Why a loyalty program is essential for your business

While loyalty programs are common to huge businesses such as Starbucks or McDonald’s, it can also be very helpful for small businesses. They give the opportunity to small businesses to think about growing their business to a next level, and they do this by offering reward programs to their customers.

Keeping existing customers is quite easy, but, finding new one is a difficult job that every small business goes through. By having a loyalty program, you will give your customers a leverage and they will look up to your business more and buy your products.

This is a fact, your regular customers spend more than the new customers because they know about your company and products too much. If bringing new customers is important for a small business to grow, it is equally important that they satisfy their regular customers as well and this is where loyalty program software comes.

When it comes to small businesses, there is a lot of competition out there. The easiest way for a small business to attract customers is to get customer loyalty. Not just that, but reward program can also help you establish this.

Loyal customers are sort of your friends. They always keep on mentioning your business everywhere and getting you customers. Make sure to always pamper your customers and give them something even more than they deserve. A customer loyalty program won’t hurt you or your business!

All of these things are important. These all can be provided by poket. Even more so, poket will provide you these services, with some advanced tools and that too in the most affordable price, how cool is that?

Creating a loyalty program:

Sometimes you get fed up for trying several loyalty cards and getting to know at the end that your customers don’t care. Loyalty programs are designed to attract the customer. If you get it and do not use it properly, then it was for nothing. Take some time before you get a loyalty card. Think about for a moment that how can you program an amazing loyalty card which will definitely attract your customers.

Always create a loyalty program that reflects the name and true meaning of your products. Just don’t instantly give a name to your loyalty card. Think about the name for some time. Imagine the name reflecting your brand, your products and representing your customers, all at the same time.

You can also make customized loyalty cards, each one for every customer. This will let them think that your business actually revolves around them and they mean something to you. Think of many creative ways you can use and apply to make the customers stick to your brand forever!

Some of your customers have not visited your store for months and deep down, you know it. You can get them back very easily. Your duty is to analyze why the customers have not visited your store since there can be many. Once you have done it, you can create personalized reward campaigns for them to get them back to your store. This reward campaign will be really helpful for you and would sure bring a smile on your lost customers.

All of this can be done very easily with poket. Poket provides you all the facilities, from making a customized loyalty card to bringing back your old customers.

Pricing and plans:

There are approximately three plans on poket. First plan gives you a bunch of facilities but those facilities are for free.

Second plan is called basic plan. You have to pay $15 every month. This includes almost all the facilities except a few.

Third plan is known as advanced. You have to pay about $25 every month and you will get all the facilities poket has to offer.

What are you waiting for? Download poket or visit their website and start expanding your small business!