The US state of Hawaii consists of 4 main islands. Maui is the second largest island and is home to over 150,000 people. Just last year, more than 3 million visitors spent time on the beautiful island. They explored its natural wonders, exciting activities, and pristine beaches. Conde Nast ranks the island of Maui at the top. Thus, it is the perfect place to call home. If you are interested in the Maui real estate market, this post is just for you.

Maui has plenty of amazing neighbourhoods which offer diversity. The first thing that usually comes to mind when people think about Maui real estate is stunning oceanfront properties. Although there are many oceanfront homes, there are many other types of properties as well on the island such as rural homes. The first part of your property search is deciding which part of Maui is suitable for you. Thus, one needs to narrow down the neighbourhood in which they would like to settle in. The second consideration tends to be price. It is crucial to find a home that you can afford.

So How Much Does A Maui Home Cost?

When it comes to price, Maui has a lot to offer. You can find a property for $200,000 or even up to $50,000,000. The median house sale price is $650,000 as of March. Investors will be pleased to know that Maui’s real estate prices have only soared over the years. If you want to live in West Maui or South Maui, you will be unable to find a lot of square footage for under $700,000. But, there are some excellent condos in Maui for sale a price of $300,000. The Upcountry and Kahului part of Maui allow you to find a home around the median price range. As for neighbourhoods like Wailea or Launiopoko, you will need to spend around $1,300,000 or more. After you have decided your budget and the location where you would like to live, you would want to get into the details. Let’s take a look at each Maui neighbourhood.

South Maui Real Estate

If you are interested in living in a vibrant beach community, the communities of Wailea and Kihei are the perfect fit for you. Beach lovers will find the South of Maui to be the ideal place for them to live and enjoy the sun. Moreover, it also tends to be one of the most diverse communities on the island of Maui. A great residential area that one should check out is the Kilohana Ridge area.

Since Kihei is located at the center of the island, residents benefit from access to all their favourite adventures. The Kihei real estate market is easily the best in Maui. It has something to offer everyone. Hence, nobody will ever feel left out in Kihei. Kihei is generally broken into parts. South Kihei and North Kihei are known for their condominium complexes and diverse neighbourhoods.

Every part of Kihei provides one with amazing access to appetizing restaurants, ocean sports, world-class beaches, and everything that the heart desires. If you have ever been to Maui, you would know just how gorgeous this part of Maui is. It offers perfect weather all year round. Hence, you would never have to worry about the weather being too chilly or too hot. Kihei is located right next to Wailea, the world-class resort. Anyone who wants to enjoy the best of life will find Kihei to be their own little paradise. The price of properties ranges from $300,000 to $900,000 in Kihei.

West Maui Real Estate

The West part of Maui has a similar oceanfront/ resort vibe as Kihei. However, there are fewer properties in West Maui. However, it houses the best neighbourhoods. Plantation Estates and Launiopoko will make your eyes water over their beauty. On the other hand, Lahaina is just as good. It used to be the capital of the Royal Kingdom of Hawaii. Now, it is the main attraction of the island. When it comes to real estate in Lahaina, there is great variety. Investors will find high-end luxury residential properties, new condo complexes, and older condos as well as local neighbourhoods.

If you are interested in the local neighbourhoods, you should check out the Lahainaluna Road region. It has the most popular. On the other side of Lahaina Town is the Wahikili neighbourhood. Then, if you head further south of Lahaina, you will come across the Launiopoko community which is nestled on the hills just above the Launiopoko Beach Park. Lahaina has beautiful beaches, great weather, and plenty of ocean-bound activities like fishing, diving, and sailing to keep you busy.

North Shore Real Estate

Anyone who is in search of adventure will find it in North Shore of Maui. It is one of those wild places that offer endless adventure. This part of the island is where you will come across the best kite surfers, windsurfers, and surfers in general. The majority of homes available for sale in this region are in Paia, Sprecklesville, and the Road to Hana. There are many luxury properties that you will find in this part of the island.

Paia is referred to as Maui’s paradise. There are lots of water sports and activities in Paia that you can take part in for the best of time. The Paia community is committed to healthy living. Hence, you will find many alternative healing centres, yoga studios, and locally grown produce. The lowest property price in Paia is $415,000 and the highest price is $8,750,000. The average price in Paia is $2,522,733. There are not many listings in Paia as it is a gated community.

Wailuki and Kahului Real Estate

Finally, Wailuku and Kahului are the most populated parts of Maui. They are the commercial centre of Maui. There are many neighbourhoods in the part of the island. The Maui Lani area is one of the most popular neighbourhoods that you should check out for excellent views.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Maui real estate market is the most reliable place for one to invest. Since Maui is experiencing short term growth, you will find the Maui real estate market to be the best place to invest.