With the blend of staggering graphics and distinctive controls, this game is one of the most intermittent interactive story app out there. The game contains alluring graphics with robust control, making it an exception interactive story platform. In addition to that, card type controls have never been more fun to play.



One day you wake up as an AI. You’re Rachel. In the future, you’re confused around your surroundings. Your data is erased after being shot in the head. At some point, you remember about your daughter, Rose. To save Rose, you move through infinite sort of troubles. Being engulfed right into danger, every decision matters. You go right into the heart of futuristic AI company, ‘Pierson Laboratories’.

Therefore, every decision of yours matters. You have to guide Rachel to choose every step every carefully. So that she will regain her abilities and memories and discover the bizarre truth to this menacing conspiracy.

Will she be able to save her daughter, Rose? It all depends on you, Rachael!


My Review

The game features a bunch of unique characters. They are Rachel, Rose and the genius Jim. The antagonist of story is ED. The story line of this game is just perfect. Having to solve all those puzzle in it, it’s like a mind exercise. We get perfect blend of story platform and card based unique controls. The game is in French and English. So you can actually turn on a voice over if you like. Voice over is one of the main focus of this game. The main storyline is portrayed to you in a fashion where you don’t get bored.

In addition to all this, you can make an account and download the whole game to play it offline. This makes it even more worth playing. Moreover, you can also play it online. Graphics in game is just over the top. There are multiple outcomes of this game, so your choice actually matters.

Throughout the game, you will have to remember various things from activation numbers to certain location. Therefore, graphics, controls and story line makes it a must recommended. However, we don’t really see games like these a lot. Especially Android and IOS developers mostly do not make games like this.


Things I liked

What I liked most about this game was the storyline. It’s a perfect mystery novel you can play. It’s not on too aggressive side and nor it’s too simple and child’s play. In addition to that, you every choice matters.


There are a multiple outcomes of this game. You win or you lose. This choice is yours. On top of that, the sleek voice over and awesome visuals makes it so interesting. I finished the game in one sitting. I tried all possible outcomes of the game. The game gives you a new outcome for every choice you make.

The unique approach of controls is pretty cool too. Swiping left will bring one choice and swiping right will bring another. I liked it because there isn’t much space to touch on smartphone when it comes to these story platform games. The approach was really remarkable and worth praising. So kudos to developer for that.



As the game is still in Beta version, I really cannot critique it that much. One thing that I didn’t like about the game was no help inbuilt game. At first I didn’t get a hold of controls. That’s maybe because I’m just dumb. But there should be a help feature which at first, will explain everything about the game.

This will make game very easy to play. And it is a big issue. Most people stop playing the game if they don’t get hold of the controls. Thankfully I was lucky and got to know. Rest assured, the game is pretty good. Also when story is in play and you just have to swipe the options there’s often nothing written for you to choose. Therefore, it can be a little confusing.

I suggest there should be “Next” or something like this written on the game.



You should definitely play this game. It’s unique, has great graphics, over the top story. The controls are unique.

For the reviewing I’ll give it 8.8/10, due to the fact that it’s still incomplete. I look forward to play this game in the future and discover more stories.



Graphics                             09

Controls                             8.5

Story Line                           10

Gameplay                          08