HCM is a joint stock company of FPT telecom. FPT stands for The Corporation for financing and promoting technology is one of the largest information technology service provider companies in Vietnam. Presently there are eight member companies of FPT that are operating in the sectors of telecommunication, software, education, e-commerce, distribution and real estate. The name of first ever intranet service provider of Vietnam is “Vietnam Intellectual – TTVN”. The company struggled a lot and by investing twenty years of hard work now they are one of the leading service providers related to telecommunication and internet services.


HCM Employees

There are nine thousand employees who are at the company’s payroll. A very good percentage among them is a university or college degree holder. The company is gradually striving for the highest levels of excellence. Currently Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa who is General Director of FPT Telecom HCM concurrently held the position of director (FPT HCM).


Their Ambition

The company is working very hard for the achievement of their goal which is “All services on one connection”. In attaining this target, the company is constantly adding more and more services at their installed internet connections so that maximum benefits can be given to the customers in minimum charges. The group is also collaborating with mega telecom partners around the globe. Fiber optic is also very much helpful in the direction of accessing the global market. FPT telecom is quickly emerging in the Vietnamese telecommunication service providers.


Versatility in Internet Connections

Internet is one of the most powerful facilities with the help of which individuals can enjoy the multiple numbers of facilities. People are increasing their knowledge at internet. One can even earn online. Considering all the genuine needs of individual and domestic users the company has number of cheap packages for them. The company does not compromise at the speed of internet. These service packages are built keeping in view the needs of these customers. FPT is striving hard to give you all the convenience with minimum charges.

The company is also offering a separate fiber optic internet connection service which has a specific gateway for the corporate users. This internet FPT package is built keeping in view the needs of the large-scale sector. You can find a high-speed internet connection in this package.


Significant Services of FPT Telecom HCM

  • High Speed Internet

If you want to use the maximum speed internet services and you do not want any interruptions while the usage of internet, then you should try to pick anyone of the packages that we are offering you in very cheap rates. Customers will also get attractive promotions at the registration of FPT internet installation. The company is offering free installation of the device. You will also get free 4-port Wi-Fi modems. You will also get perpetual discounts. The company is offering fiber optic internet connection which is highly recommendable for individuals and families with low cost and high speed.

FPT Telecom is the pioneer in Vietnam in IPV6 transition process which will make them the best. The company is offering you different internet packages according to the needs of customers. One can find diverse packages in different speed with different charges. The speed range of our internet packages for individuals is starting from 22 Mbps and ending at 65 Mbps. The other group of packages that we have designed keeping in view the needs of businesses the maximum speed will be 150 Mbps and minimum will be 65 Mbps. The company is giving you prompt response. If you have decided to use our internet facilities, then just finalize the contract and the company will install the device at your premises in just 24 hours. The company is also giving you all the technical support round the clock and throughout the week even at holidays. Our prestigious customers can also enjoy the mobile app for their convenience.

  • FPT Play Box

It is one of the most prominent products of FPT Telecom HCM. We can proudly say that it is one of the first devices in the world that is using Google’s android TV P operating system which is very much helpful in increasing the performance by increasing the processing speed. This is a wonderful device that will convert your regular TV into the smart TV. Our customers can enjoy the result of high definition by using the 4K content. Football leagues, Series A, FA cup and so many other collections of movies can be seen at it. Its usage is also very much convenient, one just need the internet of any kind for the usage of FPT Play Box Plus device. The company is also giving a warranty of the device which ill 12 months from the activation date. You can also find some of other salient features in FPT Play Box like Google assistant, Google play store, YouTube Kids, Chromecast, Facebook watch, Smart hub and Gameloft. There are so many other features that customers can find in it. The price of the product is also very much reasonable as per the motto of this company that giving all the features in a single device within minimum charges.


  • Smart interactive TV

FPT television is also one of the advancements in the technological sector of Vietnam. The company is the leader in researching and developing the technology of interactive television. Beside this the users of Vietnam are also getting so many other facilities like multicam. With the usage of this option users can customize camera angles while watching live shows. This is bringing revolution in the field of smart interactive televisions technology.

This is the first choice of the public of Vietnam as the content that we are offering at FPT smart interactive television is carefully chosen and confidential. This facility is giving a great comfort and confidence to the families as they are no more worried about their little children.

Users can enjoy the video quality of 4K. All the contents on FPT smart interactive television are broadcasted with 4K quality.

You can also enjoy the facility to rewind the channels for 48 hours. The option of pausing the channel is also available.