Are you looking for an easy to use test automation tool? Do you have a website, a mobile app, or a desktop application? Want to test your APIs and cloud services? Then take a look at ZeuZ Automation, a scriptless, AI-powered test automation tool. No matter how complex your technology stack might be, this tool will ensure that your applications are always working. has quickly become one of the most popular test automation frameworks for just about everything. From web testing to cloud services, there is nothing that this tool cannot do. This article will provide additional details about automated testing and an honest review of the tool so that you can see for yourself why is your best option when it comes to scriptless testing.

The world of today has become an extremely competitive place. In order to survive, you need to use the latest tools. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of testing their framework. Hence, the demand for test automation tools has skyrocketed. If you want to be successful, then you need to use a site like to ensure that your framework for web, mobile, desktop, API, and cloud services is on par with the standards. There is nothing worse than having a poor framework as it would lead to slow services and potential customers will lose interest in your business. Hence, you have to act fast and start using the best test automation tool out there. is your answer to all your framework needs. Read on to find out why it has become so popular.

Easiest To Use & Script-Less

When it comes to automation testing platforms, people have a difficult time trying to use such platforms due to the difficult user-interface and their lack of knowledge. However, this is something that you do not have to worry about when you use as it offers one of the easiest to use automation testing platforms. From the moment you visit you will realize just how easy to use is the platform. The overall user-interface has been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. This means that when you head over to the site, you will be able to use even if you have never used an automation testing tool in the past. The main goal of is to make it easy for just about everyone to use an automation testing tool for their web, mobile, desktop, API, and cloud services. is an all-in-one test automation platform that allows you to create complex test workflows for cloud apps, APIs, desktop, mobile, and the web. It does not get better than this. is the automation testing platform of the future. It offers a script-less environment to make sure that everyone can use it for their own purpose.

Ultimate On-Premise & Cloud-Based Platform is not your average automation testing platform. It is completely unique. Being an on-premise and cloud-based platform which is AI supported is one of the reasons why people flock to the site. You can easily test the creation process as it allows you to test and build sophisticated multi-platform or single-platform workflows. Thus, when you, you do not just get to maintain the current fast development cycle but also get to enhance it with the help of continuous testing. The powerful integrations allow you to take your existing CD/ CI tools to the next level. Hence, is referred to as the ultimate automation testing platform. The user-interface ensures that automation testing is effortless. All you need to do is enter the details about the cloud services, API, desktop, mobile, or web to determine their capability. Developers and testers have the opportunity to create and test in any browser.

Moreover, the automated tests can even be scheduled and run parallel on Edge, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, and IOS, as well as many others. Thus, no matter which browser you might want to use, with everything is possible.

Manages Everything manages automated and manual tests, feature requests, and bugs. It provides you with detailed reports which you can rely upon for decision making. Furthermore, it also offers documentation, bug analysis, and various examples to get you started. Used by various Fortune 500 organizations and start-ups, is a powerful tool that you can rely upon.


Unlike other automation testing platforms, is the more affordable option. Despite the many features it provides, it is not expensive and businesses of all sizes can afford to use it. The license costs just about $50 a month. It has the lowest cost for ownership for any test automation platform out there.  Moreover, you can always test the automation demo to determine if it is the best fit for you. Doing so will enable you to create usability/ UI, smoke, regression, and functional automated tests in mere minutes.

Create Automated Tests

When you use, you get to create automated tests in minutes. This shows how easy it is to use the platform. lets you to run, create, and analyze thousands of test cases using a single test automation platform. The site has build-in actions for cloud based apps, APIs, desktop applications, native mobile apps, and the web. The system detects the best possible action for given tests, provides suggestions, and uses the best test automation practices. Moreover, the automation testing framework is regularly updated with the latest firmware and drives to provide you with a seamless environment for all platforms. The powerful cloud-based architecture of allows you to create tests and collaborate from anywhere. You can easily execute tests remotely as there is no need for infrastructure to manage. Thus, you have the power to scale up depending on demand and can customize tests according to the test data and your code.