Using Affordable Link Building To Boost Your Business

Backlinks are among the most efficient, and affordable ways to boost your SEO marketing strategy into the next level. Any time a user clicks a link to one website, from a different website, this is what is known as a ‘backlink’. Essentially, Google and other search engines will use advanced algorithms to determine the ranking of your link, and one of these ways is by viewing how many clicks your link receives. A click is a vote, a backlink is a way to try and get more votes.

Generally, backlinks by link building services have several benefits to your business. They can help your website appear at the top of the search engine results page, resulting in increased brand awareness. They can help your business obtain recurring income. Also, with links in place, you can improve your site’s domain authority and online visibility. Lastly, they can help increase referral traffic and create better revenue opportunities. 

Hence, if you are trying to raise your search engine ranking efficiently, and quickly, backlinks are something you should be implementing into your digital marketing strategy immediately. Let’s take a look at some of the best types of high quality backlinks for affordable link building.


  • Page Authority Backlinks.

Page authority backlinks, or PA backlinks, come from a system developed by SEOmoz, and is used as a sort of ranking system to determine the page authority of the web page you are interested in having your link posted on. For example, if you have a backlink to your website listed on a local newspaper’s online article, it will have a certain PA score attached to it. This score could be higher or lower on different web pages depending on the ‘authority’ that page has. For example, a backlink to your website shared on an unknown personal blog will have a lower PA score than the local news article.


  • Domain Authority Backlinks.

Domain authority backlinks operate in the exact same way, but on a larger scale. That is, instead of the page authority being taken into consideration, the authority score of the entire website will be considered. This means that, for example, local news sources that are considered to be heavily biased may have a lower domain authority score than those that aren’t. It’s important to note that PA and DA backlinks are merely predictive indicators. They are designed to predict how well the page or domain will help you rank, they are not a guarantee.


  • Editorial Backlinks.

Editorial backlinks are considered to be the highest authority backlinks around. This is in large part because they are only achieved naturally. Meaning that editorial backlinks are backlinks in which ‘high authority’ websites choose your page to link to organically, without you paying for them. These can be incredibly difficult to get, but not impossible by any means. Typically editorial backlinks will come from places such as NY Times, Forbes, Reuters, etc. These are web domains that have high authority rankings, and link to you organically.


In Conclusion, let’s make this simple… the vast majority of SEO NZ (Search Engine Optimization) is affordable, including link building and you want high authority backlinks from high DA and PA websites. They will boost your search engine rankings so the sooner you can get started on an affordable link building campaign the better.

There are several companies that sell high authority backlinks and you can easily pay them to handle the backlink portion of your digital marketing plan.

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