Gone are the times of simple analog radios this is the period of the Internet radio. Obviously, web radio still plays out a similar undertaking yet just better with a unique advantage in that, you can tune in to radio station worldwide without the radio station being available in that specific nation. In any case, nowadays numerous individuals still utilize web radio to listen to audio content, regardless of whether it’s music, talk shows, or whatever program is interesting to you. You can tune in on real radio stations on the off chance that you need to and it’s all accessible for nothing.

Presently I have used a wide range of online Android radio applications some great and others not all that great. That is the reason when I was asked to review the Singapore Radio FM app, I agreed instantly. However, from the minute I downloaded it … read out the rest of the review to find out what I think about the app.

First off, according to the developers, as stated on the app home page, you can listen to Singapore radio stations. Wherever you are you can listen to the following Singapore radio stations:

Irsyad Radio SG, Radio Desi Dance, Radio Naga FM, Radio DesiNetworks, Melody.FM Singapore, Carnatic Radio SG, Radio Kiss 92.0 FM, Radio Melody FM, Radio Lush 99.5 FM, Bible Witness Web, Radio 938 LIVE SG, Symphony 92.4 FM, Radio RIA 89.7 FM, Radio Oli 96.8 FM, Radio Warna 94.2 FM, Radio UFM 1003, Radio 88.3 Jia FM, Radio Capital 95.8 FM, Radio Love 97.2 FM, Radio Y.E.S. 93.3 FM, Radio Power 98 FM, Radio One FM 91.3, Radio 987 FM SG, Radio Class 95 FM, Radio Gold 90.5 FM,Radio 96.3好FM, Radio 89.3 Money FM, AXR – Asia Expat, 973FM Blasts That Last, Sonar Radio 99.5 FM, Chinamerica Radio, Orion Station Radio, Radio Masti 96.3 FM, 973 FM 97.3 FM, Radio Desi Dance

So what’s the app like after a few weeks of listening to the SG radio stations that I could understand?


Well, my judgment is based on three categories which are:



Radio Singapore: Singapore Radio FM – Radio Online has a standard modern look. There’s nothing particularly eye-catching about it, which is a good thing. It’s really easy for you to use, navigate songs, live radios, setting custom playlists, just to name a few. It all makes sense and doesn’t feel intrusive.



Another point to note is that Radio Singapore: Singapore Radio FM is that, it is close to being an all-in-one solution as you can get. You have the liberty of choosing from a variety of music radio playlists or create your own list of stations based on your favorite artists, songs or genres, or any other radio program in Singapore.



The best part about this feature-packed radio app is that it cost a whopping $0 but it comes with ads. Well for something free it’s a small price.

So what’s my verdict on the app? Should you consider it or should you go ahead and download it.

Well if you don’t have a radio app on your Android device I reckon you download it and start listening to Singapore radio stations.