Content: Media industry in Pakistan is growing rapidly in this region , which includes entertainment, sports and News channels . The rapid rise of News industry started after the launch of Pakistan’s first private news channel “Geo News” in 2004 and after many other private News channels launched in Pakistan including Aaj news, Express News, Ary News . In Today’s date there are more than 100 News channels operating in Pakistan.

History and problems:

After 2002 All Media channels has become powerful and independent and are governed by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). Although the media in Pakistan enjoys “Freedom of expression” but there is a common believe in Pakistan that News channel is widely used to create political pressure, and PEMRA being the tool for government to ban certain channels which are unfriendly.


Famous TV hosts and analyst express their opinions in multiple Pakistani Talk Shows aired by various news channels.  The top TV channel is “ARY News” and the TOP Political analyst is “Dr. Shahid masood”. The TV talk shows starts mostly in the evening from 6pm onwards till 12AM midnight.

Positive Role:

The positive role of media in Pakistan also includes the exposing of ongoing corruption in various government offices such as Pakistan Steel mills , Pakistan International Airlines, National Insurance Company limited, Rental power projects and hajj corruption case. Pakistani media also played an important role in exposing the corruption of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad nawaz shareef and his alleged illegal property in London.

Social Media

In 2009 after the rise of Information technology in Pakistan, Social media became so popular for News , Entertainment, Political discussions and Pakistani Talk shows. Audiences of all TV channels moved from traditional digital medium towards the social media. Where, after the launch of 3G and 4G in Pakistan the social media craze became out of control and Pakistani media also became dependant to social media. Former Pakistani cricketer turned Politician Imran khan and his party Pakistan tehreek e insaaf (PTI)  also used this tool to promote his party and became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.