Is Your LDR Toxic? Get Out NOW If You Notice These Signs

Long-distance relationships receive a bad rep, and for the most part, they do not deserve it. However, despite having so much to offer, they can become toxic fast. In such situations, it is probably best to call it quits.

But when do you know it is time to end it? How do you tell the difference between a rough patch and irreparable damage? To help you, here are five signs that it is time to give up


Signs your LDR needs to end now


1.Communicating feels like a chore

One of the most important parts of a long-distance relationship is constantly keeping in touch. Sending sweet messages through AmoLatina or conducting regular video calls are a must if you want your relationship to succeed.

Communicating often allows you to get to know each other more and to also feel involved in each other’s lives despite the distance. If it feels like a burden, this means there is something wrong.

Maybe you aren’t connecting as well as you wish you would. Or it could be that one of you feels that the other isn’t meeting their needs in the relationship. Whatever the case, strained communication will be the undoing of all your romantic efforts.


2.The blame game

He or she might be blaming you for not investing enough time in the relationship. You might feel that they aren’t being open or honest about their feelings and so on.

When a long-distance relationship gets to the point where it all about passing the blame back and forth, it is time to leave. This game breeds bad blood and could turn what was once a beautiful relationship into a living nightmare.


3.Lack of trust

If you don’t trust your long-distance partner, then there is absolutely no way that your relationship will survive. It doesn’t really matter whether or not your doubts have merit. Maybe he or she is actually cheating. Or maybe it is you reading between non-existent lines. Either way, lack of trust poisons LDRs faster than any other relationship challenge.


4. Too much sacrifice and compromise

Long-distance dating is all about sacrifice and compromise. However, if it gets to the point that these hold you back from your life, then you have a problem. You should be able to pursue your interests whether socially, spiritually or even regarding your career. You are better off cutting your partner loose than sacrificing everything at your life’s expense.


5.No plans for the future

It’s been years together, and it seems you aren’t getting anywhere. The two of you have no solid plans, and your plans for the future are super vague. It is fun to live in the moment when in an LDR, but it ceases to be cute when months turn into years with no progress. If this is the story of your life, then you need to get out.




If you are in a long-distance relationship and something just doesn’t feel right, use our five signs to run a diagnostic check on it. If any or all of them are present, then it is best just to cut your losses and move on. It will be hard but trust me; you’ll get over it.

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