RoyalStox Review – Learn to Trade With Confidence

In recent years, the trading industry has witnessed a huge influx of investors and traders. People all over the world want to be part of this world in order to earn big. Thus, in order to accommodate this growing number of traders and investors, a number of brokerages have been created. These brokerages provide people with a trading platform that can be used for participating in trading activities. The problem is that with an increasing number of brokerages springing up in the market, it can be difficult for traders to choose one that can be trusted and can provide them with the right kind of services.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. What kind of broker do you need? You need a brokerage like RoyalStox, one that has been established by market experts and risk strategists. The team of professionals wanted to develop a customer-focused platform that could provide them with access to the best combination of tools and services, allowing them to trade with confidence. They have achieved this goal with RoyalStox as the broker has everything both beginner or expert traders may require to venture into this world.

Some of the prominent offerings of RoyalStox are:

A Staggering Number of Assets

What do you want to trade? Every potential trader has at least one instrument in mind when they decide to step into the world of trading. You could have heard about people making it big due to cryptocurrencies recently or you want to take advantage of a positive trend in the stock market. No matter what the reason, you need to check out a broker’s asset offerings before you choose them. With RoyalStox, you will come across a staggering number of trading products falling in different categories.

The options begin with the forex market, which offers a range of currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/GBP. RoyalStox also gives you the option of trading shares from the top markets, such as UK, USA and Europe. You can choose to invest your money in indices or trade commodities, including both soft commodities and hard commodities. Most importantly, RoyalStox has added the lucrative cryptocurrencies to their offerings, which includes Bitcoin, Litecoin and many more options.

A Unique Set of Trading Platforms

As mentioned above, a broker’s primary responsibility is to provide a trading platform and RoyalStox has offered a number of options in this department. They have introduced a trading platform known as Optima, which can deliver and enjoyable and smooth trading experience to their clients. The platform is immensely easy to use and fully-customizable, which gives a great deal of freedom to traders. Apart from that, RoyalStox also offers WebTrader, a platform that can be accessed via a web browser rather than requiring to be installed. This platform can be accessed on any device that has a web browser.

Keeping up with market trends and demand, RoyalStox has also introduced mobile platform apps for Android and iOS devices that give traders a great deal of flexibility. These apps allow them to trade on the go and boast state-of-the-art functionality and design. You can enjoy a hassle-free trading experience with these apps.

A Diverse Combination of Account Choices

To be able to trade with a broker, you have to open an account with them first and RoyalStox is same in this aspect. What distinguishes the broker is their account choices that are unlike the rest of the brokers in the market. You will come across three account choices, which are Micro, Standard and Premium accounts. Each of these options has been developed for a different kind of trader; the Micro is for beginners, Standard for those with some experience and Premium is for the experts and professionals. The leverage and features offered in these accounts varies to accommodate the needs of their users. Similarly, the deposit requirements of these accounts are $500, $5,000 and $50,000, respectively.

A Comprehensive Section for Learning

One of the best things about RoyalStox is that it recognizes the importance of knowledge. The broker is fully aware of how important it is for traders to know and understand how the market works rather of just relying on luck, as many traders are known to do. However, most traders struggle in finding proper guidance due to which they are unable to learn properly. This is where RoyalStox has done an excellent job because the broker has provided trading guides to its clients.

The great feature of these trading guides is that they are not just aimed at beginners and novices; even advanced traders have lots to learn and resources have also been added for their assistance. You will come across videos, tutorials and courses that cover the basics and also provide detailed guidance about developing and improving strategies and learning how to use trading tools and advanced indicators and signals.

A Plethora of Trading Tools

Not many traders are familiar with the importance of trading tools. Sometimes, these tools can be the difference between a losing and profitable trade. To make trading decisions, you need to make calculations and analyze trends, something tools are able to do a lot faster and more efficiently. Time is of the utmost importance in trading and these trading tools can help you take advantage of it. RoyalStox has added a plethora of trading tools to their offerings to help their traders in achieving their financial goals.

These are some of the most sophisticated ones that you will come across and are not offered by most brokers in the market. You can use forex converter and currency converter for your calculations. An economic calendar helps you keep track of important events and happenings in the market. There are also risk management tools that can be immensely useful in keeping losses under control and taking away more profits.


When you have access to some of these features and offerings, it makes it easier to develop confidence in trading and start tapping into this world’s potential.

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