Today, I will be sharing amazing tips for enhancing the design of your boring-looking website.

5 seconds! That’s how long it will take people to realize whether you are worth it or not. So, this means you will have 4 seconds to capture the attention of your visitors. How will you do that? Well, it is easy; use the design of your website to encourage people to stay longer.

Good website design will inform the visitors what your company does. It will make navigation easy throughout the website. Load time is also crucial for an excellent website design.

With the world changing rapidly and constantly, it becomes challenging to keep up with the trends. And if you do not stay updated, your website will be outdated and useless. Your visitors will decrease as well.

So, how do you design a website that not only looks good but communicates the message clearly and functions perfectly?

Redesigning your website does seem like the right choice; however, it might not be the best. This is because it will take a lot of time and money.

Here are some tips for enhancing the design of your website.

1.    Scrolling on Your Homepage will Experience

For a long time, website designers have used fold design. Now, it is an outdated trend and will make your website not so user-friendly. Having a long homepage design is attractive to users. When you have 3 to 5 sections on your homepage, you can direct the visitors to the right areas.

It must include these sections:

  • Intro video
  • About us
  • Testimonials
  • Success stories
  • Overview of the services
  • Value proposition

2.    Don’t Be Afraid to Use White Space

Many people don’t know anything about website design. That is why they often complain about a lot of unused white space. They believe it can be used for advertising their services. First of all, white space does not mean it’s empty or unused.

Space is left white for a purpose. It will help visitors to focus on the text and other elements surrounding it. The white space helps in increasing the attention of the user by 20%. Moreover, white space is a wonderful way to make your content legible and breaks up the page.

3.    Images Should Complement Your Message

When it comes to adding pictures, you have a plethora of pictures to choose from. Does this mean you should overstock your website with tons of pictures? Of course, it is a huge mistake. Still, many are caught up in this trend.

An important thing you need to keep in mind is that not every image goes well with the message you want to convey. Stocking the website with photos will do everything but create trust. It does not appear genuine and people might go away.

Hence, you must use pictures that portray the image of people working at your company. It must bring realism to your brand.

4.    Use Navigation to Enhance User Experience

Consider navigation as a map to your website. It will display all the places the user can visit. What was the reason you left a site? Definitely, it will be a poorly designed website. For visitors, nothing is worse than having to visit a website that offers what you are looking for, but it is tough or confusing to navigate.

By focusing on navigation, you can decrease the bounce rate. People will have a reason to stay on your website and it will become easier to find what they are looking for.

5.    Ignoring Call to Action is a Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes is not providing direction to visitors. When people visit your website, where should they go first? What should they do after visiting your site? This is where the call to action comes in handy.

Call to action buttons will help indicate the customers what the next step should be. The call-to-action must provide users with materials for solving their problems.

6.    Optimize for Mobile Devices

More than 80% of people use the internet on their smartphones. Do you know what this means? It means you will have to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If people cannot visit your website on their phones, you are losing a lot of potential customers. This also means your competitors are getting a lot of visitors because of you.

7.    Follow and Share Buttons are a Must

What is the point of coming up with a great when the visitors cannot share it with anyone else? Adding social media buttons like follow or share buttons, will increase traffic to your website. This provides customers a great opportunity to share your content on their social media instantly and without any trouble.

8.    Remove Unwanted Elements

Not many people realize but certain things will distract your customers from the main content. So, to improve the design of your website, you have to remove such things. Extremely long content, weird or complex animation, stocky images are just some of the elements you don’t want on your website. Your content must be readable and must not contain any ambiguous terminology or jargon.

Things you need to do to make improve website design is powerful and concise parts of content, relevant images, clear and easy to read headers.

9.    Consistency is Important

This is one of the most crucial elements in website design. Consistency is the key to everything. Your website should have the same heading sizes, button styles, design elements, photo choices, font choices, spacing, and illustration styles. This is because it will inform the users they are on your website.

The drastic changes in design from page to another might leave users confused and lost. It might even lead to a loss of trust.

10.    Catch Broken Links and Unknown 404s

To make sure your users have an exceptional experience, take out time to check all the links and pages. If your website has broken links or pages that are not working properly, you will potential customers. The users will not inform you if the pages or links are not working. So, you have to do it yourself.

Website design is crucial for every business. With these tips, you can revamp your website or you can get professional help for web design Hampshire. For more information, please visit our website.