Rural Villas and Holiday Homes in Croatia

Working around the clock is tiring. Everyone deserves a break every once in a while. It’s surprising how we plan vacations and never really get to act upon them. No matter what, we find a reason to stay back. Well, as they say, it’s never too late! Take your dream vacation that you always planned. The picturesque views, luxury villas, variety of cuisines and much more! The summers are to relax, sit back and enjoy a cocktail. Do not miss your chance to your one-time lifetime experiences. For that, Ruralica Villas and holiday homes in Croatia await you!



Croatia has been known to one the most beautiful courtiers. People all around the world travel here for its natural landscapes and the historical monuments. Lakes in Croatia have been known to be visited by locales as well as the tourists. Recreational parks in Croatia are famous for its lush greenery. In historical monuments, the walled old town of Dubrovnik is one main attraction. Split, a coastal city built on Roman ruins, attracts thousands of tourists for its blue haven. The flavors of spices in the traditional Croatian food are all yours to taste.

From tourism point of view, Croatia is mostly famous for its coastal places as it is located near to the sea, in the southeast Europe. All around the year, around 75% of the tourists visit for staying purpose. The most visited months are June to August since these are the vacation holidays. Quite recently, Croatia has modernized its infrastructure. In return of that, more sophisticated travelers are found in Croatia.  Roads and buildings were previously made on Roman style. However, it has now taken a more contemporary approach of skyscrapers and huge buildings. A mix of traditional and modern approach, Croatia is known to have a mass attraction of tourists.

Book your villas today and make sure to not miss this chance.


Villas and homes

Rural Vilas and homes are the luxury that you must be yours in the trip. Providing state of the art facility rooms and villas, the rural villas make your trip a memorable one. Our all-round facilities make sure you do not have to suffer in any circumstance. Fully furnished villas are equipped with sports, gaming, family activities and wellness activities. All the reasons as to why you should take a vacation this summer or winter. Open around the year, we offer discounts as well on some villas. You can enjoy the parties or alone time to yourself. Croatia has been known to have natural architectural sites. A tour de Croatia history is a must! From the locales, you would mingle to know the politeness of Croatian people. Above all, do not forget to try the Dalmatian cuisine we have for our villas. Gastronomy is one of things that Dalmatia inland is famous about. It is a must for the people visiting.



  • The villas and homes provide a comfort and private area to yourself with all the facilities that you could want.
  • All updated and advanced rooms and homes with bathrooms and swimming pool. You can BBQ or enjoy a cocktail by the pool side whenever you want.
  • Different variety of villas as per your requirement. The number of bedrooms for your use and comfort are assigned accordingly.
  • Attached Jacuzzis and saunas for your personal relief and time.
  • Air-conditioned king-size bedrooms.
  • Wi-Fi connection is provided.
  • Spacious bedrooms and villas with accommodation varying for each villa.
  • The view from each villa is breath taking.
  • For winters, central heating system is installed. A fireplace is also available.
  • Reasonable prices for weekly stays.
  • Parking facility for the guests.
  • Washing and dryer facilities are also available.


Luxury Villas:

The luxury villas and holiday homes at Ruralica are not worth giving up for anything. The extra comfort you get in luxury homes is incomparable. With all the facilities and more, your home game just went a notch up. Let us introduce you to some of our exotic villas that are irresistible:

Vila Emma

The fittest of our villas is your ultimate choice for a pleasuring time. The comforts you experience in Villa Emma are not to be found anywhere. Fully air conditioned with 7 bedrooms and attached bathrooms. The swimming pool, Sauna, jacuzzi and a private terrace with a breath-taking view makes it altogether attractive.

Villa Ivan

Our next five-star Villa Ivan does not stand behind any other! With all the facilities of your desires and much more with additional payment, Villa Ivan serves you good. The villa offers 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Television and the home friendly environment make this villa your top choice.

Villa Afrodita Max

The entertainment and wellness activities are offered by the villa for its vast options are not to missed. The fully air conditioned 4 bedrooms with 5 bathrooms is a luxury itself. The magnificent sea view is on the table for Villa Afrodita Max.

Vila Afrodita

Living up to your expectations and more, the villa Afrodita is located above town Makarska. It offers 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with a swimming pool. Additional services are also offered in the villa.

Villa Josip

The beautiful Rustica Villa Josip is located near to a beach and the National Park of krka. Offering 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the villa has a posh look to itself. Other facilities of bicycles and chefs are also offered for the villa.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their holiday at these extravagant villas and holiday homes in Croatia? All the comfort and luxury are yours to take these upcoming holidays. Marticeva Street has become a tourist attraction for the last some decades. It has become a Croatia’s first design district. You’ll find artists, students, workers, literary scholars and much more. The dealers of cars and cloth are always coming here. It is no doubt that you’re in for a shopping spree once you choose Ruralica villas and holiday homes. Lock your destination today and roll on for the best experience of once in a lifetime. Ruralica awaits you!


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