The world is becoming increasingly digital and businesses have started to understand the importance of having an online presence and creating an application to cater to the ever changing needs of their customers. Successful businesses like Zara and Mango have seized the opportunity and taken advantage of this. Now, their customers can easily shop their products online anywhere in the world with just a tap. The world is globalized and businesses know that their customers could be found in any nook.

Customers have become keen on searching about their desired products beforehand online, and what better way can they do this then by using the applications made by such businesses which provide a further experience of the lifestyle which comes with their products. Versace and Chanel are pioneers in their part and they are using mobile technology to yield higher profits.


Here are a few reasons why businesses need to take advantage of mobile applications to stay in business.

  1. Be available to customers all time

In today’s digital age and people working 24/7, customers need to be able to purchase their desired goods or services at all times. Businesses have to understand that their customers would not make the time for them but they will have to provide a platform to cater to such needs 24/7.

  1. Provides various services/ information in one place

Applications provide various functions: from basic information about the product, company and locations, to price range, to placing an order in advance or if the product is required urgently, to searching about the related the products needed, creating customer accounts, providing updates and so much more.

One of the greatest advantages of making a mobile application is that the entire information that the company wishes to provide to its valued customers is in one place and at the fingertips of its customers such as sale promotions and updates about new products or services. They also help in reminding customers to keep purchasing from the company which leads to an increased frequency of sales by the customers.

  1. Provides convenience to your Customers

Mobile applications can keep track of all the purchases information regarding the customers and aid in calculating their points for obtaining rewards and discounts for exceeding the sales volume. The mobile applications these days are compatible with all the important languages in the world besides English, such as in Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu. No matter which language is spoken by the customer, they can know that their message will be conveyed. Customers can now easily provide their feedback regarding all their purchases and about their prospective purchases. They will know about all the costs inclusive of the sales. They can be rest assured that they would be heard by the company and it helps in providing a personal experience between the customer and the company.

  1. Creates a Desired Brand Image

Having a mobile application for your business will exponentially help with your brand awareness and image. Now, let’s divide this topic into 2 parts, the total knowledge of which will help in making your application a success:

Brand Image: A mobile application is just like a billboard sign. You can share whatever you want in it; you can make it colorful, relevant, convenient, or persuasive. Now, what you actually desire of doing is creating an application which has all the qualities that your customers will learn to love, whilst also creating a design that creates a brand image which will only help in boosting your customer loyalty.

Recognition of the Mobile Application: The more you could get customers to use your mobile application, the more likely they would be to purchase your goods /or services. In advertising, we call this concept “effective frequency”.  Hearing/ talking about or seeing/ coming across the company’s brand will most likely get it noticed as much as 20 times which would increase the frequency of sales and the sales volume over time.

  1. Better Customer Engagement

Whether you are selling towels, insurance policies or fitness services, what you need is your customer to be able to reach you. Having a direct message feature in the application could make a huge difference in how you wish to communicate with your customers. Just think about it; successful businesses such as AliBaba incorporate such features in their applications which helps customers learn to trust their services. It is easier for customers to be able to contact you through a message, rather than a phone call.

More and more features are being creating by businesses to take benefit of the software in smart phones and tablets from being able to detect your eyesight through the phone’s front camera to the size of your clothes through pictures.

Further, mobile applications provide insights into the customers’ preferences, buying patterns, demographics in general and location. These insights can be used by businesses to better target their customers and grow.

Businesses are creating enticing features such as free games and VR experiences to their customers which helps in providing better customer loyalty for the business. Customers can now shop for their favorite goods online through Virtual shops. This has started to become a big trend for Unicorn companies.

The year 2019 will be a year for companies to make the move of creating unique tailor-made mobile applications suitable for their customers. Businesses slow to adapt will not be able to proceed in the ever-competitive world. The future seems ever bright for mobile applications; we can expect businesses to create mobile applications for various customer needs and wants such as for swimmers, the blind, the disable (or differently-able).

With all these benefits, any business with the right place in mind would definitely take advantage of these benefits to succeed and grow in today’s tech-savy world. There are a few companies which provide such services like the Mobile App Development Company. With the insights of such a company, businesses can learn from all the challenges and possibilities of mobile applications.