Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney reveals plans for Wrexham

Reports making rounds in the media currently claims that Hollywood actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds are putting hopes on Wrexham FC to become a “global force” after revealing their takeover plans during a supporters’ trust meeting on Sunday.

The Hollywood duo are now close to becoming legit owners of the National League club following the positive outcome they got from the long supporters’ meeting where they tabled a presentation and ended up answering several questions in the meeting just as Australian online casino had formerly predicted.

The presentation made by the two actors pointed out their need to protect the heritage of the club, strengthening up the club and its values in hopes to make them Champions in England once more.

In the meeting, it was made known that Reynolds and McElhenney are willing to make use of their own money and fame to help the English club return to its glory days when they made it to the FA Cup quarter-finals and securing the Third Division trophy in the 1977-78 campaign.

Speaking at the WST meeting, Deadpool’s actor Reynold said: “We want to be at the Racecourse Ground as much as possible – as many games as I can make. We want to have a pint with the fans. You’ll be fed up with us! We want to be great ambassadors for the club, to introduce the club to the world and be a global force.”

McElhenney continued: “The Racecourse hasn’t been full for a while. I have a vision of the Racecourse being full again. I’ve seen how packed it used to be in ’77 – I’ve been watching a lot of films about that and I want it to feel like that again. We want to pack that stadium again. Ryan is much more responsible in his business life, but I get so excited by possibilities and what it could be. I want people to be so excited to watch the rise of the club and the Racecourse.”

This meeting was reported to have been held after the trust members sent 95 percent of the votes in favor of setting up talks with the duo. The fan-owned Wrexham are now urging the member to vote either for or against the Hollywood duo in their complete takeover, online casino games for real money are also placing odds for the possible outcome in this vote.

The voting began on the 9th of November and will be lasting till the 15th of November and a vote of 75% will be needed for the Duo takeover to be acknowledged.

Should the takeover be approved, the National League club will begin a documentary in their rise to stardom under the two actors. McElhenney added: “That’s happened. We’re documenting it. We should be thinking about Wrexham the way Manchester United thinks about Manchester United. Engage in the club and community.”

Having played six matches this season so far, Wrexham is currently sitting at the 14th spot on the League table with McElhenney and Reynolds hoping the club will never have to face rivals like Chester anymore.