Sample Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect belong to the philosophical categories that express a form of the universal phenomena connection. The cause and effect essay aim is to either discuss the cause or to identify the consequences of a phenomenon or event indicated in the title. This type of essay implies that the author expresses his or her point of view, provides a subjective personal assessment of the topic, originally covers the material, making the writing non-standard and creative.

The focus of cause and effect essays is on a context or situation. This way, the writing itself tries to answer the questions: “Why?” (reason or cause), or “What is the result?” (effect). Grammatical constructions play a special role in this type of writing. Many authors often use the subjunctive mood in cause and effect essays. In this case, the writing usually aims to answer the question, “What happens if …”. The purpose of this type of essay is to develop such skills as creative, independent thinking, and written presentation of your thoughts.


Let’s have a look at the following sample cause and effect essay topics:

– Low grades (causes and effects)

– Teenage suicide (causes and effects)

– Cell phones and the improvement of family relationship (effects)

– IQ boost and video games (effects)

– Relationship and long-distance dating (effects)

– Poor immunity and emotional problems (causes)


The cause and effect essay quality depends on the following interrelated components:

– the source material (synopses of lectures, literature, recordings of discussions, personal considerations, and experience gained on a certain issue);

– the processing quality of the source material (its organization and argumentation);

– the argumentation (how accurately it relates to the issues raised in the essay).


Algorithm of Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

  1. Your essay should be perceived as a whole, the idea should be clear and understandable.
  2. It must not contain anything superfluous and should include only the necessary information to give the low-down on your position and idea.
  3. The essay should be clear in structure and logical, have a proper composition.
  4. Each paragraph of the essay should contain only one main point.
  5. The essay must show that its author knows and meaningfully uses theoretical concepts, generalizations, terms, ideological ideas.
  6. The essay must contain a supporting position, and argumentation stated on the problem.


Writing a Cause and Effect Essay Reminder

Before starting to write this type of essay, one should:

– study theoretical material;

– understand the features of the stated topic of the essay;

– think over what the relevance of the declared topic may be;

– highlight the key thesis and define his or her position concerning it;

– define which theoretical concepts, scientific theories, and terms will help to reveal the essence of the thesis and his or her position;

– make a thesis plan, formulate thoughts and ideas that have arisen.


It is very useful to practice writing the cause and effect essays, as it helps the authors:

– to learn how to formulate their thoughts properly;

– to highlight the cause-and-effect relationships;

– to use basic concepts to structure information;

– to illustrate their personal experience using relevant examples;

– to argue their conclusions.