Secured Payment methods for Mobile gaming

What are some of the things that you like about modern technology? Many people will agree with the fact that people can play games on their mobile phones is a big achievement. Such people can use different payment options to pay for games’ licenses and make in-play purchases at their homes’ comfort.

However, some of these payment options are not as convenient as Portuguese gamers would like them to be. Some people have lost their data to scammers while using online payment options. What are some of the safe online payment methods? We linked up with Victoria Oliveira (check profile), who shared the following:


It is one of the most popular online payment options in the modern world as it is available in more than 200 countries. Opening a PayPal account is a straightforward process and does not demand lots of details. PayPal charges differ from one person to the other depending on the currencies involved.

Most of the online gaming platforms, casinos included, accept PayPal as a payment option. PayPal may ask for a one-time verification of your account to ensure that you do not engage in fraudulent transactions. The platform provides a secure payment gateway to ensure that your money will not be lost when accessing payment games.

The beauty of PayPal is that your money will reflect instantly when you deposit on your gaming account. Withdrawals using PayPal are mostly instant. However, the money may take days to hit your account if you set it to be deposited in your bank account.

MasterCard or Visa Credit/Debit card for online casinos

It is the most common payment option for typical online transactions. Such cards do not charge money when you are paying for products using your base currency. For instance, when you are depositing money on your favorite Portuguese online casino, you will not incur any charges if the currency on your MasterCard or Visa Credit/Debit card is Euro or similar to that of the receiving account. However, you are bound to incur some charges when your card’s base currency is not the same as the receiving account.

Deposits made through card payments are processed fast and that explains why many people love them. One of the downsides of this payment option is that the platform will have access to your card details. Thus, the gaming platform must assure you that your card details will not land in the hands of scammers. The only way Portuguese players can be assured of safety is when they check reviews of the sites they are just about to visit from experts such as casinos online Portugal.

Bank transfers

They were once the most popular casino payment methods to deposit and withdraw money from mobile gaming accounts. Bank transfers simply transfer money from one bank account to the other. The process can be somehow slow and takes 3-5 working days in most cases. Currency conversion rates and Slow processes are some of the reasons why many gamers are opting for other payment options.


It is another online payment option that works like PayPal. Skrill allows gamers to hold an eWallet where they can deposit funds and make purchases on the web. Most deposits and withdrawals using this online payment platform are instant. You can as well connect Skrill to your bank to deposit money on your online wallet.

Skrill may demand a one-time verification to ensure that you engage in clean business. You may have to wait for days for the money to hit your account if you choose your bank as the end account.


It is one of the newest payment options that is taking the world by storm. Gone are the days when the only crypto that people knew was Bitcoin. We now have thousands of cryptocurrencies that are widely used in different sectors.

People are falling in love with the fact that crypto payments allow them to remain anonymous. Most cryptocurrencies are not controlled by the government, assuring users that inflation will be controlled. A good number of online casinos and gaming platforms in Portugal have already adopted various crypto payment options, and we expect more to join.

There are many payment options that you can try for mobile gaming, as you can see. The choice of these options will depend on what is available in your country, what is available on the platform you are using, the charges involved and your preferences.