Sell Your House Now, All by Yourself!

Selling a house through estate agents can be tough and easy in many ways. Yes, they do ease the process by taking care of everything for you but nothing is done for free in this world, and in case of a real estate agent, certainly not at a low cost. If you are planning on selling your house because you are in need of money or simply because you want to get a much better place which will cost you more, giving away 7% or so can be a tough decision to make. The good news is that you don’t always need a realtor to sell house, you can sell your own house, especially if you are in a state like Texas, where you don’t necessarily even need a lawyer to proceed with the deal, although it is completely on you.  So, if it is that easy and possible, why would anyone go for a real estate agent? Well, there can be several reasons; it is a possibility that you don’t mining that much to a person who would be taking care of the whole process until your deal is closed. Besides, one can also think that even if you do it at your own, it will cost you a good amount of money, but trust me on this, it is nothing compared to the amount that can go in commission, especially if you have a decent house. If you find this bit interesting and would want to go in depth to learn how can one sell their own house in Texas or elsewhere without a realtor, keep reading! Here are a number of things to keep in mind before you finally decide to be a bit more independent along with being self sufficient and doing it on your own:

  1. Prepare yourself and your house: the first and foremost thing that anyone needs to do is to prepare themselves mentally and their house physically to be sold. Once you decide to sell your house on your own, you will have to do everything that a realtor would do for you. An agent obviously wouldn’t have sentiments or memories attached to that house and so he would be fair and rational while making a sale. This is what you need to prepare yourself for; if you don’t accept the fact that you are selling your house, no one else will ever buy it. For example, when people walk in to take a look, you need to make the house look like their dream home, not yours. For doing so, you might have to remove your personal photographs or your preferred decoration items so that they can imagine theirs.
  2. Take care of the condition of your house: when you buy something for yourself, you always prefer it being brand new. Even if it is not, you find the one that is in the best condition. Same is the case with houses. Think of yourself as a buyer and see if the house appeals to you. Since you have been living there for a long time, you might not notice a little stain here or there, or maybe the change in color of a wall that happened overtime, but to a buyer, these things matter. For example, a well cleaned and maybe newly painted apartment/house would appeal a lot more than the one whose paint is getting off. Even if painting is not an ideal option for you due to the finances, you can at the very least clean your house and make it look as new as possible?
  3. The pricing bit: this step can be one of the most difficult ones. The reason behind it is that we all love our houses. Hence, we might end up overpricing it. For this reason only, you need to make sure that you have done your research completely. Make sure that you know what the market price is and what the condition of your house is. Are you going to fix the problems or just state them before selling it? The price will vary depending upon your decisions and so be mindful of it.
  4. Market your house in the best ways possible: who said that only a realtor can manage to pull off a marketing scheme? It’s your house and who would know it better than you? Marketing requires selling points; the best things about your house because of which anyone would be lucky to have it. Identify those points and market your house based on those. Get brochures printed out, place a board outside your house, you can even make a website and you definitely need to use social media at its best in order to promote the selling points of your home.
  5. Arrange an open house: this would probably be one of the best ideas to sell your home faster. However, make sure that before doing so, you go through all the previous points and apply them in order to get the best results out of an open house. This way, you would be able to grab more attention and will make a deal that will benefit both, you and the buyer. Additionally, be careful about the time you choose for selling your house. Mostly, in summers and spring people tend to buy more houses, but then you would have to be mindful of the price as well, because there are definitely more sellers than you would have thought.
  6. Try contacting a company: if the above points do not work for you or you think that your house is not in a condition to be marketed, you still have another option. This option is by far the most feasible one and also a reliable option. Contacting a company who buy houses can easily take away all your tensions. For Texas, you can contact Jamie Buy Houses and you won’t regret your decision at all. They work on your terms and make the process as easier as humanly possible for you. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out and finalize your decision now!

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