Selling a House to a Company that Buys Houses in Dallas Texas – A Good Idea ?

If you’re on this article and are already reading it, then you’re probably at that point in the entire home selling process where you aren’t getting the time or even the patience to deal with all the first-time home buyers. However, you aren’t to be blamed. The first time home buyers are classically broke, they have no real savings, low credit scores and worst of all they will even ask you to repair everything at your home and pay for closing as well.

But worry no more. For all those saying “sell my house fast” now have many new options. There are companies that buy houses from Dallas homeowners monthly so that they can easily sell their property in a well-timed manner. Even if you’re dealing with picky buyers, lazy real estate agents, home inspectors or aggressive banks then you are probably exhausted with the typical home selling process. These companies are made to ease the process for you and relieve you of the headache because they purchase houses for cash and can quickly close.  Clients don’t have to worry about the repairs, paperwork or home inspections.


How the Process Works

These companies that buy houses do understand that selling your home is a huge decision, and this is exactly why they’ve made it easy and quick to receive a reasonable cash offer on your home and then get it closed on your timeframe. Just take a look at how simple selling your house has really become:

Step 1: Call or Submit your Personal Information:

Companies review all the necessary details of your home and then set a date and time to meet with you.

Step 2: Meet with the Company at your Place:

The authoritative persons from the company take a walk on your property with you. Once the property has been reviewed properly, a reasonable cash offer is then presented for you.

Step 3: Decide your Closing Date:

Once you choose your closing date, the company can actually do their best to close according to the date you decided whether you need a slow or fast closing. But you will get to sell your house according to your own terms!

What Situations do These Companies Buy Houses in?

Such great companies that buy your houses from you have experience of having worked with homeowners in various different situations and they understand that every situation is different. So take a look at some of the common situations that these companies deal with:

  • Probate
  • Need major repairs
  • Foreclosure
  • Vacant homes
  • Divorce
  • Relocating
  • Job loss
  • Job transfer
  • Tax Lien
  • Mold
  • Problems with tenants
  • Inherited Home
  • Outstanding bills
  • Expired Listing
  • Code Violations
  • Behind On Payments
  • Fire Damage
  • Need Quick Cash

Basically, if someone has a property and needs to sell it right away no matter what the situation is, companies like to make clients a reasonable cash offer and then close on it when the house is ready to be sold by you.

Benefits of Working with These Companies:

If an agent isn’t able to help you sell your house, these companies can help you right away. They have many benefits over the agents:

  1. You won’t have to make any repairs: these companies purchase houses in as-is condition, which really means that one can leave their house exactly how it is.
  2. Avoid Foreclosure: If you have been facing behind on payments or foreclosure, these are just the companies that can help. When they purchase your home from you, you can prevent getting a foreclosure on your credit history and you won’t even have to wait for a buyer on the open market. The companies are ready to buy.
  3. They can pay closing costs: When you sell your house, there are a lot of closing costs that are supplementary with selling your house. These amounts could be thousands of dollars and could simply change the amount of money which you take home from a sale. The seller is usually the one responsible for such costs and when you sell to these companies, they easily take care of those expenditures, leaving the clients even more money at closing.

In short, they are always there to help the clients sell their houses no matter what situation or condition your house may be in.

No Fees and No Commission

These companies can find out very quickly if they can help you, and unlike selling your house through an agent, you won’t even have to wait to see whether the purchaser can get financing. They are ever ready to buy your house right now and they promise not to waste your time.

All the annoyance of selling out a house can add months to process, stress and in the end after paying the expensive fees of the agents, you may or may not even still be ahead of the game.

When clients contact these companies and submit short information regarding their property through a form, the companies give them a reasonable all-cash offer on your house within 24 hours and you know what the best part is? They close at whatever date you choose to close on. This is totally up to their clients!  It doesn’t matter what condition your house may be in, or even if there are any occupants which you’re unable to get rid of. This won’t be a matter of worry for the clients! These companies can take good care of it for you. And even if you require your cash quickly, they can actually close in as little a time as 7 days because they can purchase houses with cash and they don’t even have to depend on typical bank financing.



So basically, no matter what your situation may be or whatever condition your house is in or timeframe you’re facing, the basic goal of these companies is to help make your life a lot simpler and get you out from the property which has been stressing you out, while still giving a reasonable, fast and honest cost for your house.

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