How to Set Up Your Gaming Router for the Top Performance

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The gaming world has advanced significantly in the recent past. Today you can enjoy an immersive experience with fps and other high-intensity games. This comes at a cost; these games call for a smooth flow of data. It’s not much considering the impressive fun you can have with these games. Not forgetting, gaming doesn’t consume as much data as most video services do. It will only take about 20MB to 30MB to game online for a whole hour.


And there’s a way to tune things to work in your favor. It’s all about the set up you implement for your router. Even if you have the best wireless router, if you don’t set it up well, it will be for nothing. Read on to find out what needs to be done to achieve an ultimate performance.


Start with what counts

The first thing to consider is that impressive gaming will depend on the performance of your network. The main thing here is the available bandwidth. This refers to the level of data that is going through the cables at any moment. Some of the other things to check here is to ensure your router has the most recent firmware. Keep in mind that getting it from the site of the manufacturer is your best bet.


Fortunately, most new malware is that they will be able to optimize as well as patch the router for gaming. You’ll need to restart your modem as well as your device.   Besides, you should carry out a speed test after connecting your PC to the device.


An Ethernet cable is crucial in a gaming router, so check out for that too. This way, you can get a glimpse of just how fast the ISP can perform. In case the speed is not up to your expectations, then notifying your ISP provider could help. All said and done, let’s jump straight into what setting up a router entails.


The connection

If you are thinking of linking your router with a modem or an ISP, you need to know if you can rely on the connection. However, checking how well your network connection is performing could help too. Remember, if things are not working perfectly, you may have a difficulties installing a gaming router.


All the while, the router might be working perfectly. Another case involves installing it as you move into a new residence. In this instance, ensure the connectivity is perfect since you’ll be setting up your device along with the new connection configuration. When the PC is receiving an ideal connection, you can go to the next step.


You could as well find ISP gateways that provide functions for the modem and gaming router alike. Hence, you should check to ensure that either of the devices is set up in the bridge mode. This is usually in the gizmo’s instructions.


How to position the router

Another crucial thing that calls for keen consideration here is how and where you place the router. First, you should check out for any documents included in the box. You are likely to find some important information on setting up as well as password and username. Then proceed to install the antennas if they are not attached to the device on arrival.


After assembly of the device, gaming router, your next step is where to place it. Usually, a central position is preferable to make the most out of its unidirectional signal transmission. Also, consider placing it on a lofty place as a shelf. Avoid locations close to a microwave, concrete walls or metallic objects that might interfere with the signal.


Set the power connection

Now, connect the device to a power outlet. It will give you an indicator light if everything is working fine. You may see a blink or color change on the device during setup. This reflects on different functions or any change. But you should get a light that indicates that the router is plugged in and working well. It is wise to give the device about a minute or two to let it boot and start operating.


The internet source matters too

Now that you have the router on and working properly, it’s time to bring in the internet source. This might be a DSL, cable, or an ISP gateway, depending on what you are using. You can plug an Ethernet cable into your router’s WAN port. It usually has a distinct color or it can be a distance from the other ports. Now, watch out for any color change or indicator on the device’s LED indicators. If you don’t get any of these, then recheck to be certain you have the right connection. Next, plug in your computer into it to confirm whether the router has established a solid connection.


Accessing the device’s web interface

It’s about time you considered how to set up a new username and password. Besides, you will need to upgrade your firmware. Another thing you need to do here is to set up your security settings. And remember, activating your Wi-Fi is as crucial too.  All these will mean logging into its web interface. You can find out how to do this by using the instructions provided in the manual.



Use wired and Wi-Fi connection

This is where things become interesting now. Since you have set up the device and achieved an impressive connectivity, you can now include the cabled devices. These could be a TV, or a printer, but as a gamer, the console comes first. Besides, you could bring onboard the wireless ones onboard and get started.


With these ideas handy, any router set up becomes a breeze. The process is rather straightforward. You just need to consider some of the most crucial aspects along the way. These include deciding the right location for your router. If your router is sluggish, check if the connection is perfect.


On the bright side, most current games, systems, and routers have a friendlier experience. Provided you don’t have someone around using high-intensity streaming or programs, gaming won’t be a problem. Once you have the right set up for your router, you can enjoy an immersive experience. Turn up your gaming fun with an ideal router set up. It’s that easy.




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