Shadowhawk x800 Review

In our lives, there are many things which we need to use every once in a while. These things may not be of everyday use and you might not realize the importance of such things until you need one. One of such things is the flashlight. No doubt that there are many people who need flashlights every day or whose jobs involve the use of flashlights every day and therefore they generally buy heavy duty flashlights because they simply can’t afford not to have one. There are hundreds of flashlights available each with different and unique features and prices in market and it could be a hard choice to select one from such a huge variety. In this review we will talk about each and every feature of a flashlight named as Shadowhawk x800. It doesn’t matter if you need a flashlight for everyday use or you just need it for your next camping or hiking trips. Your flashlight should be fool proof so that you won’t get stuck in dark no matter what.


Pros of Shadowhawk x800

1: 5 different Modes

This is probably the best feature of shadowhawk x800. It comes with five different modes which means that you can use it in different ways. These five modes are high, medium, low, SOS and strobe. High, medium and low are the simple modes as they describes themselves, are based on the intensity of light. SOS means that you can send any kind of signal by using the flashlight in the form of Morse code. The strobe mode is used to generate regular flashes of light. It is basically used as a self-defense technique. Most of the high-end-flashlights do not all these 5 features at the same time and that’s why said that this has to be best pro which this flashlight has to offer.

2: Air Craft grade Aluminum

The quality of any product in the world depends upon the material it is made from. This shadowhawk x800 is made from air craft grade aluminum which is a pretty cool thing in the world of flashlights. It increases the overall durability of the flashlight and thus not add up much to the overall weight of flashlight so that it does not become difficult to carry around.

3: AAA battery

It has got 3 AAA batteries which are smartly adjusted in a holder which comes with in the box. The best part about having AAA batteries is that they are easily available and you don’t have to put much effort and struggle in case you ran out of your batteries. They are available at pretty much every store and they are also not very expensive to buy.

4: Battery Timings

The battery timings of shadowhawk x800 are surprisingly amazing. It offers up to 10,000 hours of battery in a single go. Now this is a pretty big claim but different people who have used this flashlight confirmed that the battery timings of this shadowhawk are definitely and amazing and uncanny with the kind of money you have spent to get this flashlight.

5: Compact Design

Designing and packaging of a product is something which has a real appeal, features and specifications of the product comes secondary. Most of the times, you just buy a product because you like the design and the packaging. The design of this shadowhaek x800 tactic flashlight is very compact and smart and doesn’t feels like a burden at all when you carry it with you even for hours and hours.


Cons Of Shadowhawk x800

1: Value for Money

Despite of the amazing features which it has to offer it still is not enough for the kind of money you have to pay in order to buy it because in the market out there, there are plenty of different other options which do the same job but in the less amount of money and whenever you plan to buy anything price tag is the first thing which makes or breaks your mind about buying it. So for us the money is not as impressive as the product itself is.

2: Exaggeration of the features

It is a great tactic flashlight but to be very frank, the features simply are not as great as they might tell us the different advertisements. It sure is very bright but again it is not that bright to light up the whole building from bottom to top which they have been telling us in their advertisements. So, let’s just say there is a bit of exaggeration in commercial about the working power of shadowhawk x800.

3: Not Very Helpful in self defense

The company claims that it’s strobe mode is so effective that it can blind the person who is standing in front of you and therefore it is a great tool in self-defense as well. But this is not a complete truth. The strobe mode is great but it certainly is not that power full to make the person next to you to completely stop from making a move to harm you. If you really need a torch for the self-defense purpose solely then this might not be your best option.



If you are looking for some high-end- flash light and money is not a problem for you then this shadowhawk x800 is probably your best shot. It can be an excellent tactic flashlight as well as a regular flashlight for your simple day to day use. The smart design makes it very easy to carry around and it doesn’t require any kind of regular maintenance. It offers great battery timings so there’s a one thing off the chart to worry about. On the other hand, if you are already tight on budget but still need a flashlight then this might not work for you. In that case there are many other options which are available at cheaper rate but there’s one thing you need to remember that they might not be as durable as shadowhawk x800.


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