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VPN provides you the option of remaining anonymous on the internet and securing your connection to get access to all sites whether or not they are actually available at your location. In simpler words, you can say that it gives you the ticket to access geographically blocked sites and any censored content. The trick to use VPN is to actually find the very best VPN and not any scams that might trouble you or plot virus in your phones or PC. The best way to acquire knowledge about VPNs is to follow a VPN Guide that can help you pick the right application according to your need. One of the best sites includes the FastestVPNGuide.com which provides the best advice on VPNs, the differences and similarities and reviews on many different kinds of VPNs.

The first and foremost factor that affects the popularity of any VPN is the speed. Nearly all rating depends on this factor, because slow connection and drag the temperament of the user and is very inconvenient. Other factors also affect the rating of VPN, such as server location options, privacy, any additional features and price. A VPN Guide should recommend the best and the most convenient only keeping these elements in mind and provide the best information and reviews which assists the user’s needs.

While utilizing the advantages, it is also important to keep in mind that the VPNs not always help you in every way; there are some things that these cannot help you with. For example, VPN cannot increase or enhance your internet speed, or get you other unwanted or extra features that are irrelevant or of no use. For killing switches, most VPNs may or may not have the option but securing you in terms of geo-blocked content is easily a convenience.

A VPN guide is actually a great help if you are new to this complex world of VPN softwares. These steer you to the right kind of software that is relevant to your needs and each and every guide works its best to provide you with all the information and reviews it takes to convince a user. On FastVPNGuide.com, there is a large number of available VPN software information and reviews that can be of great help to you because of quick and easy information. FastVPNGuide.com’s  Tim Tremblay is the website creator who regularly updates it and keeps it in check and balance. He is a very competent corporate IT manager who has worked in IT security and computer networks which is why he has great expertise regarding the working of VPNs and what are the features that make them stand out from the rest. If you are looking for the ultimate guide to VPNs, this site provides you the best report and a very unbiased review considering the streaming, speed, features etc all of this so that every user can easily become aware of such softwares and use them accordingly. In addition to this, you can also click on given links for a complete review and speed tests and even to check the software’s servers.


The mind behind the work

FastVPNGuide’s Tim Tremblay is an experienced computer network handler and IT Security expert who has set up his own corporate VPNs, which is why he has the experience and knowledge of assessing the public sector VPNs that are used by people all around the world. The idea of dealing with the public VPNs to him was based on a personal experience regarding limited Netflix service that lagged behind in his area which became an inconvenience. This cracked open the idea of actively looking and testing VPNs that are competent and complete in their nature of work and provide the best options to users.

According to him the best and foremost advice that should be followed is to consider the speed of VPN, and not the features. Of course, the servers count in as a major part but ease of use should not be looked for in VPNs, quality should not be compromised. FastVPNGuide’s Tim Tremblay developed the idea of this website when he became the active technical support of his aged parents and streamed old television shows for them. From that, he compared and contrasted VPNs to measure the performance rate and the availability of different features and wide server locations and decide to step in himself to switch and work on upgrading the speed. From then on, the passion of looking for a faster VPN became fierce and he switched between different VPNs and different services to test and measure their competence and performance rate. Thus the ultimate VPN guide was formed which is complete in its nature and is regularly updated. The site provides no hate or disgrace but gives unbiased reviews so that the information is always objective.

Till now, there are several dozens of articles online that are easily available to resolve any issues related to VPNs. The list includes topics such as, Differences between proxy and VPN, best ways to secure your server, how to pick the best VPN service etc.


Why should you use a VPN?

  • You web activity and work is encrypted.
  • All activity is safe and secured and becomes unreachable.
  • You can hide your location by accessing through different servers, and access location blocked content also.
  • You can easily work under an anonymous identity through VPN.
  • VPN also helps protect your privacy and secures your work while using a public hotspot or Wi-Fi.

It is the responsibility of any VPN company to provide its best efforts to protect your privacy in terms of securing data, search results and anything that might be of personal value to you. Whereas in any VPN Guide, you should always look out for the best reviews that are unbiased and can be tested, along with proper information of handling if anything goes wrong or how you can be sure of the security and services of the VPN company you are reading about.

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