Are you going out for grocery shopping and your parcel is on its way?

Are you worried that who will collect it?

At times we all face such situations where we can’t stay at home and wait for the parcel to arrive.

It gets frustrating because you don’t exactly know the time of parcel delivery.

To solve this problem a Berlin-based company came up with a solution in 2013.

In today’s fast tech world, we want to track everything to save time and plan other engagements.

Tracking on our fingertips is all we want.

In this article, I will tell you how to track your shipment by using Parcello. How it saves your time by knowing the arrival of your delivery driver. And also I will talk about its tracking mobile app.

So let’s start.

What is Parcello?

Parcello GmbH is a Berlin-based artificial intelligence and logistics startup created in 2013. Parcello was born because of an incident. The creators of Parcello moved into their new apartment and they had to go to the hardware store to buy some things. But they were waiting for a parcel from H&M and they were concerned that when it will arrive on their new address. They tried tracking it on Google but were unsuccessful. At that moment, the idea of Parcello came into their minds. They wanted to have a tracking system to know when the parcels will arrive.

Parcello started their operations first in Germany and then extended its services to the United States of America. You can predict the delivery timing of your parcel through Parcello using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through the machine learning technique, it reconstructs the routes and by using this information, Parcello predicts the arrival hours of a delivery driver.

All shipments from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Hermes and Amazon’s delivery service are supported by Parcello. The more people use Parcello to track their deliveries, the more accurate AI predictions become. Parcello’s goal is to predict every parcel worldwide with an accuracy of up to 10 minutes.

Another best thing about Parcello is their concern for a greener and a better environment. With every 10,000 tracking IDs, Parcello plants a tree. In this way, Parcello neutralizes a part of the CO2 emissions which was produced during the transport of parcels. They have planted 741 trees until now. This means more than 7 million customers have been served by Parcello.

How Parcello works?

Parcello works by using an AI technique called, machine learning. Machine learning reconstructs the routes and with that information, Parcello predicts the delivery timing. All shipments supported by Parcello are used to train an algorithm.

You can forecast the exact day and time of your parcels immediately after you have placed your order. In this way, you always know when it is best to be home.

In case you have other commitments on the forecasted delivery date or time, you can redirect the shipment or arrange a preferred date.

Shipment Tracking through Parcello

You don’t necessarily need to track your shipments from the carriers’ website but you can use Parcello. Parcello lets you track the shipments from multiple carriers under one roof. You need to visit the Parcello USA website and enter your tracking ID or link and track your shipment. It is easy to use and maps will show your shipment location.

Arrival Hours of Your Shipment

Just like you can easily track your shipment, you can also know when a driver will deliver your shipment. You can either visit the Parcello USA website or you can visit here to track delivery hours. You don’t need a tracking ID to know the arrival hours of your shipment. You just need to put your delivery address and select the carrier company. The AI will process the data set and will predict the timings of delivery for the whole week. This will be of great help. You can plan your day and all the commitments by keeping the delivery hours into consideration.

Tracking App by Parcello

Parcello Germany has already a running mobile application that tracks the shipments and arrival hours. For the USA, the iOS and Android App for the service are planned for 2021. You will be able to download it for free.

The mobile application will be multi-carrier tracking app by Parcello. It will support over 20 different carriers. The app will be AI-driven and that will predict the estimated delivery time and hours.

You will be able to incorporate the app in your online shop via API. You don’t need to visit the website for getting updates about your shipment rather you will receive push notifications in the event of any changes in your delivery schedule. The app will be synchronized with the desktop so you are updated on all the devices equally. Due to its transparency and user-friendliness, it will achieve high customer satisfaction.

Due to COVID-19, either the physical stores are closed or limited access is provided. Therefore, people are ordering more online rather than visiting physical stores. This leads to a forecasted growth of e-commerce of over €330 billion by the end of 2020. Therefore, more and more orders are tracked, and knowing their delivery timings will be of great help. So, do try Parcello by creating an account to track your shipments and know the exact delivery timings. Also, you will be helping Parcello to plant more trees and make world a greener place.