Typically, in today’s world, both parents must work to maintain a family’s economic sustainability. Such circumstances often force those with young children to entrust the care of said offspring to professionals offering daycare. The following piece provides suggestions regarding attributes common to most reputable childcare facilities.


Types Of Childcare Facilities

There are four primary types of childcare facilities:

 Family Child Care

These are nontraditional facilities operated in private homes and offering care to a select group of children.

 Childcare Centers

Typically, these facilities conduct business in a commercial setting such as an office building, often witness a greater amount of enrollment and group young people into different age groups.

 Preschool Programs

These offerings may be organized by school districts, religious organizations or social service entities and usually serve children ranging in age from three to five.

 School-Age Programs

These programs are typically offered by the same entities holding preschool programs but tend to older youngsters’ needs.

Preschool teacher with children playing with colorful wooden didactic toys at kindergarten

Qualities Of A Good Daycare Facility

 Trusted Associates Use Said Establishment

Few statements provide greater ringing endorsements of a prospective facility than when friends, co-workers, neighbours and acquaintances with young kids place their children’s care with a given entity.

That said, if the parents in question do not associate with persons with childcare-aged youths, said individuals should obtain referrals and pay close attention to online reviews of specific candidates. Those receiving primarily favourable ratings should be considered.

 A Structured And Organized Environment

Optimal childcare facilities will demonstrate organization and provide a structured environment. Young children often thrive in environments where activities are detailed and well assembled. Moreover, all activities should be age-appropriate and either fun or intended to help children pass their time constructively.

 Staff Feels Empowered

One critical component of a professional childcare entity is an overwhelmingly positive staff. Each and everyone employed at a given facility, from the director to the volunteers, should love working with children and be willing to go the extra mile to make the youngsters they serve, in addition to their parents, happy.

Childcare should never be just a job. Should parents encounter facilities demonstrating a lackadaisical or even negative attitude about any aspect of their operation, they are strongly encouraged to search elsewhere.

 Happy Children

A childcare facility’s basic, primary objective is to foster a pleasant, enjoyable and productive environment for the kids. Ergo, upon visiting any differentiation of childcare centers, parents should witness happy, exuberant children who genuinely seem to appreciate the atmosphere.

Specific signs to look out for are smiling, laughing children who are receptive to staff members. Children who look unhappy, do not seem to be enjoying themselves, or even come across as fearful should raise immediate concerns and inspire prospective customers to pursue other options quickly.

 Safety Is A Top Priority

Facilities should remember that extra safety precautions should be instituted. Children, especially babies and toddlers, are curious and like to explore their surroundings. Moreover, children often possess abundant energy and can occasionally display a level of rambunctiousness. Ergo, all appropriate safeguards should be installed, and vigilant adult monitoring should occur at all times.

 A Low Staff To Child Ratio

Though sometimes overlooked, parents should never sleep on the staff member to child ratio of a given facility. Facilities that are too overcrowded will not enable a facility’s employees to develop personal relationships or offer a young person the individualized care they might require. Numerous industry professionals maintain that the optimal ratio of staff members to youngsters should be no greater than three to one.

 All Necessary Licenses And Accreditations

All facilities, regardless of how large or small, should hold all appropriate licenses and accreditations. In The Province of Alberta, any facility intent on providing care to more than seven children must obtain licensure following the federal Child Care Licensing Act.