Are you an e-commerce vendor? Do you want to have a brand that has more exposure, clients, and potentially sales? Then, you need to check out Shopify’s newest sales channel It offers a futuristic and fresh marketplace for vendors and their customers alike. Take advantage of the many features provided by Shopify such as interactive video experiences. The best thing about the service is that it just costs $33 a year for vendors. Thus, for just $33 a year, vendors get to use many of the powerful features offered by Shopify through BON2tv in order to take their business to the next level. You can start selling right away as all your Shopify store products and relevant information is synced. Moreover, you also get the chance to run your own engagement campaigns to boost sales.

Connect With Social Media

We live in a time where social media reigns supreme. If you want to take your business to the next level, then you need to utilize social media and that is something that Shopify will help you with. You can select the social media posts which you would like to share on your platforms through interactive videos of the desired information. BON2tv is one of the newest sales channels that is incredibly promising.

So What Is BON2tv?

BON2tv was founded by Ntana Key in Miami, Florida. It is known for offering a diverse range of shoppable interactive videos that would inspire any viewer by clicking on the screen or touching it. BON2tv is a lot better than Instagram, YouTube cards, and the like when it comes to shoppable videos because BON2tv is committed to providing exponentially more information and data for just about any given shot. At times you can even find a shot by the exact location of the item on the screen itself. Hence, it is extremely popular.

Interactive Video Content

There is no better platform that does interactive video content better than BON2tv. While browsing the unique interactive video content, you will be amazed at how multiple people are able to communicate using their own interactive icons. Thus, they get to shop according to their preferred style. There are also automotive videos that are featured and help lead to the website of the manufacturer. Users can configure as per their own model. Moreover, tons of runway fashion shows are also featured on BON2tv. Daily interactive videos are posted to keep in line with typical announcements made by daily news feed. Hence, the technology used by BON2tv allows it to offer extremely fast interactive videos.

Partnership With BON2tv

Shopify has a partnership with BON2tv which allows its vendors to use a trusted channel for selling products while taking advantage of low shipping costs. It has plans to invest about a billion dollars over a five years period on robotics and warehouse space. This will allow the company to build on a fulfillment network so as to provide vendors with delivery packages.

Vendor-Friendly Costs

The reason why the partnership between Shopify and BON2tv has been successful is due to the fact that BON2tv also has vendor-friendly membership costs. Unlike other popular marketplaces out there, BON2tv charges just $33 a year for publishing products on its platform. Hence, it also charges a fraction of the cost that you might need to pay for other popular marketplaces.

Improved Communication

The reason why BON2tv is extremely popular is because it provides vendors with a chance to take advantage of improved communication. The main goal of BON2tv is to provide its viewers with an immediate shopping foundation for the accompanying of videos. Vendors also get a better sales and branding opportunity when they use the services of BON2tv.

Greater Type of Video Content

BON2tv offers a greater type of video content on its platform. The platform is committed to adding more types of video content to ensure that the latest and most relevant video content can be used by vendors for increasing sales and boosting brand loyalty.

See Now Buy Now

The See Now Buy Now concept of shopping is something that BON2tv heavily focuses on. Besides just being a source of inspiration for shopping, BON2tv wants to take the See Now Buy Now concept to the next level. It is taking over the video domain. The announcement by Shopify and BON2tv to come together in order to provide vendors with interactive video experience has been with great acceptance by vendors worldwide. See Now Buy Now is no longer cinematic science fiction, but is in fact a reality with BON2tv. When you head over to BON2tv, you will get to discover vendors by playing videos and clicking on vendors you are interested in by hitting pause. It does not get easier than this. Shopping online just got a whole lot easier with BON2tv and Shopify working together to provide vendors and customers alike with the best experience.

Easy Publishing Solution

BON2tv wants to also provide vendors with an easy publishing solution. It is working to make it a reality, so that vendors can easily publish the content that they like to attract potential customers into making a purchase. The said feature should be available soon.

Lead Customers The Right Way

The recent announcement by Shopify and BON2tv to provide an interactive video experience for just $33 a year to vendors is great news. It allows vendors to lead viewers to their products the right way through video entertainment. When watching the video content, viewers can easily pause at any moment in order to interact using the shoppable icons on their screen. BON2tv displays the information about the location, actors, products, and brands when viewers engage with the icons. It allows vendors to usher shoppers to their store. Moreover, vendors get to sell from their own branded storefront. Furthermore, viewers can even shop for similar products by interacting with the video on their screen.

Short & Shoppable Entertainment Videos

No company offers high-quality short and shoppable entertainment videos like BON2tv. The entertainment videos are the most effective way to usher potential buyers to take an interest in your products. Since the videos are short, vendors do not have to worry about viewers losing interest. Only the most engaging videos are published to ensure that the desire outcome is achieved. Watching short and entertaining videos is the best way to attract potential buyers which is only possible with the help of BON2tv.

Engagement Campaign & Exposure Campaigns

When you use the services of BON2tv, you get exposure to tens and millions of shoppers who are searching for relevant products. With the combination of information and entertainment, it is easier than ever before to sell your products to shoppers online. Only the latest technological methodologies are used by BON2tv in order to provide vendors with the ultimate advertising and sales platform that leverages embedded photos and videos on just about any website out there. The human-readable, integrated and branded URLS allow SEO to be utilized so as to drive traffic towards your store. Moreover, landscape compatibility is also provided. Thus, interactions between vendors and their customers is enhanced significantly. Having better interaction with customers builds trust and instills confidence needed for them to make a purchase. It makes it very easy for merchants to drive shoppers to their online presence.

Flexible Options

Now, you can get ahead of your competition by taking advantage of the flexible options on BON2tv. The seven different levels of engagement as mentioned below will allow you to get ahead. Some of these start out as low as just $10 for boosting the online presence of your business.

Advertise and Sponsor From a Large Library

By opting for sponsorship of curated interactive videos, you get further exposure. There are many popular media outlets as well as content types that range from the most popular Hollywood movie trailers that are made by Warner Brothers, Billboard Music, Netflix, and Disney. Besides just movie trailers, there are a ton of other categories as well including music videos, fashion, cooking, lifestyle, and even DIY. The options for advertising and sponsoring from a large library are endless. If you decide to sponsor your social media, products, brand, or store, they would be visible on each shot of this interactive feature. It will allow everyone to engage and buy from you at any given moment. Moreover, even if the video does not have anything to do with your products, it would help provide greater exposure to your business which will boost sales as a large audience will be drawn to your products.

Start Out Early

As the service collaboration between Shopify and BON2tv has just started, it is crucial that you start out early in order to get ahead of the competition. Use the unique services offered by BON2tv to provide your business with the boost it needs to succeed.

Join A Growing Community of Shopify Sellers

BON2tv and Shopify are actively working together to provide vendors with the service they need to succeed. Join a growing community of Shopify sellers to find out how you can benefit from the service. There are daily updated rates and engagement levels which you should check out.

Effective Video Entertainment

Online vendors have nothing to worry about as BON2tv provides the most effective video entertainment. It means that viewers get to see your products in the best way possible. Since viewers have the ability to pause the video content, they can easily interact with the shoppable icons to make a purchase. BON2tv provides relevant information to viewers when they are engaged with the icons such as the locations, actors, products, and brands. Thus, viewers can easily make their way to your store when watching video content.

Quick Response

If you are tired of having to wait around for a result, then you would be glad to know that BON2tv offers a quick response. Whether you want to a service that promptly responds to customers on Christmas or any other holiday, you can be rest assured knowing that BON2tv will ensure that your customers are in good hands.

Easily Make Product Campaigns

Making product campaigns is easier than ever before on BON2tv as it allows vendors to make an effective product campaign in a short period of time. You can easily import products from your social media page or website to BON2tv in order to launch the product campaign. When you choose BON2tv, you get to advertise your products next to huge brands for different types of videos. Using the platform to publish contents is simple. Make sure to use the best keywords for your campaign. Thus, it is the perfect ad platform.

The Future of Marketing

BON2tv is the future of marketing. It is extremely easy for vendors to advertise their products. Besides, for such a low price, you get to see your products next to the best athletes, actors, and celebrities in the world. Now, you do not need to pay thousands of dollars for gaining exposure and can easily get exposure with BON2tv.With a commission rate of 4 percent, you get to publish your products for free until a sale has been made. Furthermore, there are no hidden costs that you have to worry about. It does not get better than this. Since customers get to see your products next to the best entertainment videos, they are able to place their trust in your service and will be more likely to make a purchase if they are interested in your products. SEO elevation is a possibility with BON2tv.

Boost your online SEO presence by choosing BON2tv for promoting your products and business. When it comes to BON2tv, you get to use the marketing tool of the future which has been designed for discovery and the creation of higher engagement rates. The ads lead to greater sales. Choose from the many interactive videos and social media posts available. There is so much you can achieve with BON2tv.