Shops to Visit in Budapest


Budapest is an amazing place and is literally full of elegant retail stores, lively markets and huge malls. While shopping in Budapest, you will be able to fine all kinds of the best luxury brands. And not only that, but you could even enjoy flea shopping simultaneously as well. The question that would usually be raised here is whether shopping in Budapest would be such an easy task or not.

Anybody who travels to Budapest and leaves home for shopping will be flooded with so many options. Therefore, it is important to know which places must be visited for which items. Budapest has everything available for everyone ranging from clothing, apparels, handicrafts, the famous yarn, sweet delights, touristy trinkets and even souvenirs and the real estate in Budapest is simply great. Simply save yourself the stress of hours of research. Just plan up a shopping spree with our especially curated list of the best shops to visit in Budapest!


Top 10 Shops to Visit in Budapest:


1.     Central Market, Vasarcsarnok:

This market is a splendid renascence of various local sellers who sell things which are an important part of the Hungarian culture. The first level has many suppliers dealing with additional meat products, whereas one may also be able to get some instantaneous traditional cuisine at the market’s second level. One could also purchase the crafts, trinkets and Hungarian souvenirs. This place is rather like a real Budapest shopping street.

2.     Szputnyik Shop:

The basic motto of this store is, “fashion from the past, style for the future.” This certainly is true. The clothes available at this amazing shop are categorized as the vintage and ‘self-designed’ as ‘new’ and ‘used’. These clothes are available at rather reasonable prices and also offer wearable, breathable fashion. For all those shopaholics with an exclusive style and taste in fashion must check the place out. This store has given an entirely new meaning to cheap shopping in Budapest!

3.     Second Chance:

At Second Chance, you could simply shop for the great Quality labels at very economical prices! You will come across nothing better than catching your favorite labels at the costs that you truly want. An individual’s trash can certainly be your possible treasure after all. Someone might have simply decided to give away their clothes just to give them a second chance. Best thing is that it’s totally up to you whether or you wish to get those clothes at a third of the initial price tag, just with quality as good as original. This tradition of shopping of second-hand clothes in Budapest just states that, “long live recreation!” Also, they have these really groovy dressing rooms that you don’t want to miss out on!

4.     Retrock:

Retrock is among those of shops located in Budapest where you can simply find everything which meets your urges and fancies. Whether you wish to dress up in the antique classics or find some new designer threads to rock a modern look in, Retrock has them all. All you need to do is just pick out the outfit you like and make the most of your shopping spree in Budapest.

5.     Mammut:

This popular shop called Mammut has been divided into Mammut I and II and the mega mall has as many as 300 shops. With Mammut located here in Budapest, shopping sprees here just couldn’t get better! There is a glass hallway present on the second floor which is responsible for connecting the two buildings with one another. This shop has so many shopping options to offers. Other than shopping places, it also has a cinema, restaurants, a food court and even a bowling alley! To summarize in all, no matter what you need or yourself or a loved one, it’s all here in this mall in Budapest!

6.     Sugar:

‘Sugar’ is this sweet paradise and the Hungarian Willy Wonka that welcomes its visitors with a design confectionary with the various different kinds of tarts, ice-cream, tarts, candies and cakes which one could ever dream of. They organize various different themes for different months, for instance American, French, or even Hungarian. You would certainly not want to miss purchasing an Eiffel Tower or a Statue of Liberty cupcake! The place is also close to the tram 4-6.

7.     1001fonal:

Every knitter and crocheter in this city is aware of the popular 1001fonal. This shop is among the 3 best shopping zones located in Budapest, if one is looking for good yarn. They have all sorts of knitting supplies such as hooks, needles etc.

8.     Kepesbolt:

This shop is very similar to a typical stationary shop and just in case you’re in search for some nice souvenirs at a good price, Kepesbolt is just the place you’re looking for. Ranging from card games and notepads to the posters, calendars and even greeting cards with Hungarian images printed on them can be bought here. A traveler could simply get some really nice and affordable keepsakes for loved ones.

9.     Lollipop Factory Budapest:

The best kind of Hungarian designer clothes can be bought at this developing store chain. If you’re in a lookout for some amazing fabric, the Lollipop Factory Budapest is just where you need to be. You could simply just go directly to the artists rather than giving up your money to the fast fashion sellers. The colorful clothes are complemented very beautifully with the black and white interiors.

10.  Toys Anno:

Look into the childhood of Hungary and put your hands on some really adorable gift items for kids and even adults! While you’re shopping in here, you could even grab some cool souvenirs as well as cute ornamental items for yourself and even friends or family.


We are aware now that shopping in Budapest is certainly a tough choice. But there are nonetheless numerous local specialty shops such as this famous szexshop which are often found hiding out on quiet side streets and all these shops and markets are worth spending your money in! So visit the top 10 shops for you in Budapest and enjoy your shopping spree!