The Digital Field Twin Review

Future On is a name which just about every knows in the oil and gas industry. It has emerged from the X Vision and is a part of the EXP group with over 15 years of experience in being the state of art provide for visual engineering clients throughout the world in the gas and oil subsea domain.


Digital Trend Setter

The truth is that Future On is not a trend follower but rather a digital trend setter when it comes to the oil and gas industry. It is dedicated to shaping the future of digitization of the gas and oil industry through its digital data visualization and globally-collaborative architecture. Using the Field AP, the offshore environment for gas and oil companies is being developed much faster and lower costs are achieved. Competitive advantage can be achieved in rapid subsea field concept with the use of the Field AP, along with faster project tendering and Pre-Feed Optimization.


Field Twin

Field Twin is a product that is offered by Future On. It can create and even maintain a digital twin across the complete lifecycle of the field. What this means is that it will be able to keep an exact digital copy of a gas and oil company’s physical assets. The main advantage of this is that it allows the producers to optimize their asset value and performance.

Anyone looking to capitalize on efficiency and performance in the oil price markets should look into these immediate digitization opportunities. Future On is the mastermind behind the solution that is The digital FieldTwin. Maximize on big data to your benefit using Field Twin.


What Does the Field Twin Do Exactly?

As mentioned, most of the data of your company remains under-utilized in the data base and expert systems. Transform the data into powerful capital with Digital Field Twin. Harness the complete power of your data using the system.

Use the digital copy of your field with Field Twin to help digitize the offshore field development, equipment maintenance, production performance metrics and installation. The solution monitors, supports, predicts and connects the well-production, field operations and equipment maintenance.


How It Works

The fact is that companies already hold most of the data that has great potential. However, it is not being used to its full potential. This is due to various reasons such as the file format or the size of the data. The digital Field Twin is the one source of truth for every party that is involved.

IOT sensor data is seamlessly integrated using the product. It is perfect for monitoring the statuses of equipment in real time, along with the vessel locations and the flow-rates, as well as the engineer tasks. Production values can also be measured by it. Previously unmanageable data streams will be able to visually be represented of equipment data.  This will help dramatically reduce the operational time-lines.


Digitize Offshore Field Development & Installation

Make your offshore field development and installation digital with a digital copy of your field in Field Twin. It allows you to accurately visualize the production performance metrics, along with the equipment maintenance.


How does it Work?

Customers of Field Twin will be able to create safer and much more responsive operating conditions. Another advantage of the product is that risk is reduced and the longevity of the field equipment is secured using it.

There’s more to Field Twin as it is also able to help with the offshore asset inspection. It can even play a part when it comes to repair and maintenance programs.

Thanks to the advanced cloud-based platform of Field Twin, it is able to provide users with more security for their data. Furthermore, the security measures that are used by Field Twin have been developed by some of the industry giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. The philosophy of breaking up the barriers is an advantage of Field Twin which is caused by the old legacy systems. It allows one to make full use of their data.


Cloud-Based Platform

The cloud-based platform enables companies to make use of the digital twin of offshore field which is a first concept in the world of oil and beyond.

The digital twin solution lowers the risk, integrates IOT, improves collaboration and allows for sensor data to be visually shown for real-time monitoring of engineer tasks, vessel locations, production values, well flow-rates and equipment statuses. This helps reduce the installation time significantly.


Uses Artificial Intelligence

The unique thing about the Field Twin solution is that it uses artificial intelligence to connect with the historical data to all for well-planning, drilling, as well as installation and operations. This in turn improves the field layouts and concept selection.


The Use of Big Data

Forward-thinking companies know the importance of Big Data analytics and how it can be used to gain a competitive advantage. Field Twin uses Big Data analytics to help you deliver greater value from significant investments offshore. The data is centralized and visualized by Field Twin into a single source which helps improve transparency, increase collaboration, improve operations, speed timelines and reduce costs. The goal behind it is to de-man the platforms of customers and to remotely monitor and maintain offshore assets and operations.

All the stakeholders of Field Twin will be able to see more than ever before, thanks to the initiative by Future On. The same information will be used to make a more of an impact on the project’s outcome which in turn allows more efficient decisions to be made. This helps save time, mitigate risk and reduce errors.

The concept behind digital twin is that of a replica of a physical asset and it is relatively new. However, there have been concrete examples of it that have been used in the gas and offshore oil industry.


Digital Twin Solutions Adopted by Offshore Industry

The potential is immense when it comes to the digital Twin solutions being adopted by the offshore industry. There has been a complete digital replica of the North Sea Nova being built of the field production system, allowing data driven engineering, maintenance and production decisions to be made.

Many different renowned companies throughout the world, from Siemens and others have started to use the solution to solve many problems and make more efficient decisions. Digital Twin imaging can be useful for the pre-commissioning of ships. Unlike the usual commission procedure, where the vessel is built and then commissioned for the sea trial, the Digital Twin solution makes it possible for pre-commission of the vessel prior to the actual construction to be done through the integration of the vendor data into a simple consolidated virtual ship. This virtual ship can be used for testing purposes.

Each of the drilling rigs would have a virtual model developed and connected with a feed of live data from its rig. This would allow the drilling to provide clients with a more detailed overview of the entire drilling operation.


Visual Simulation of Marine Operations

Furthermore, the digital Field Twin product can be used for visual simulation of marine operations. This allows businesses to become highly efficient in marine operations, which is vital in the oil and gas industry. The visual simulation can be for various purposes and new techniques can be used for incorporation to provide more benefits to the users.



The vision of the digital Field Twin is simple, positive transformations are created in data visualization and efficiency is achieve. It is the future of the oil industry. The new technology is shaping and developing new trends for the gas and oil industry to follow. Take advantage of the digital trends in the gas and oil industry and reach new heights in the industry. There is a lot that be achieved using the digital Field Twin system.


Transformation of Project Management and Collaboration

The digital Field Twin product has truly transformed the project management levels and the collaboration through the visualization of SIM OPS conflicts using interactive tools and animation. Offshore drilling requires project management to be efficiently and effectively done which is only possible with the help of digital Field Twin. New projects can be easily introduced unlike before when a lot more work was need and accurate information could not be achieved but with this solution, everything is possible.

Digital strategists can use the system to introduce more transparent digital workflow processes for their operations. It uses the subsea field from first concept for the first oil and beyond. Smarter, more efficient field planning and more collaborative operations can be carried out using the interface. Companies will get to oil faster first.


Field Architecture

Improve collaboration between the project team and reduce risk by creating field architecture around a single source of truth. Project workflow will be improved and data transparency will be achieved while the proprietary information will be protected. Through the 2D/ 3D visualizations, previously unmanageable and underutilized data streams would be streamlined.


Installation Timelines Are Reduced

The data is secured through the cloud security systems and the installation timelines are significantly reduced. Future On is a dedicated digital technology innovator which helps enable its customers to see more new possibilities with their existing assets and allows them to make more forward-thinking choices.


Ultimate Digital Field Solution

There is a lot that can be achieved using the ultimate digital field solution that is the digital Field Twin. Marine installers, EPCs and others can use it to make more discoveries and run their businesses more efficiently. With over 15 years of experience, Future On is company that offers state of the art visual engineering solutions to its clients worldwide in the gas and oil subsea domain. There is no other company that managed to innovate at such a potential and grow as rapidly.


Real-Time Data Visualization

Field Twin has been selected by Aker Solutions, Subsea, McDermott and ExxonMobil for visual digitization workflow. Real-time data visualization is the reason why these companies have selected digital Field Twin as it also offers early-stage digital Pre-FEED field development, along with operational insights that help bring higher efficiency and asset integrity.


Committed Team

The reason behind the innovation and the success of digital Field Twin is all due to the team which comprises of senior professionals and experienced entrepreneurs within the domain of oil and gas, visual design and software development.


The Field of Tomorrow, Today

Field Twin creates and maintains a digital twin across the entire lifecycle of a field and an exact digital copy of the gas and oil company’s physical assets are kept. This enables the producers to maximize the value and performance of the assets.

In addition to the above, significant value for oil and gas companies can be achieved through immediate digitization opportunities. Companies looking to capitalize on performance and efficiency in low oil price markets will find it to be extremely useful. Field Operations are transformed, and Big Data potential is maximized with the Field Twin system.


Why Digital Field Twin is the Way to Go?

Unlike traditional digitization approaches which threaten the livelihood of oil and gas companies’ long-term feasibility since they involve significant upfront expenditure for CAPEX where you deploy the IOT devices, robotic tools and SMART sensors, employee training and changing of existing systems.

The digital Field Twin is a rather more efficient and immediate digitization strategy for O&G companies as it helps improve their operations through digital quickly. Data-driven solutions are instantly implemented with Field Twin to improve work processes and increase the usability as well as data accessibility.

Future On is a name which companies can rely on as it has made a name for its self on the digital front. Early reports already show that Field Twin has the ability to reduce pre-FEED field investment and planning time by at least 60%. The same information can be used by the stakeholders to find more meaningful results and use the special knowledge to flow early and make an impact on the project’s outcome.