Costa Rica is a beautiful country in the heart of Central America. It is a the jewel of Central America. Tourists and volunteers flock to the country every year, especially during the summer to enjoy the views and the laid back atmosphere as compared to back home.

Sloths are native to Costa Rica, there are some really good sloth sanctuary in the country. Sloths can be seen living in their natural habitat without a care in the world. For all sloth lovers out there, Costa Rica is the place to be to see Sloths enjoying their lives.

The sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica is one a kind and it has all the amenities needed for a leading sanctuary. The best practices are followed to ensure that sloths stay happy and healthy. It is truly the place for sloths to be. Sloth lovers who are interested in volunteering in the exotic country of Costa Rica should consider on of the best sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica to volunteer.

The pacific coast of Costa Rica has various animals living in harmony such as sloths, turtles, monkeys and other animals. Volunteer in one of the best communities to monitor the animal and help in the conservation of the species.

Sloths are usually harmless creatures as can be seen from their behavior.


The Work of the Sloth Sanctuary

Sloths and other animals are usually being hunt through illegal means for illegal income or even food. Other causes of the killings include expansion of agriculture areas and urban ones. Whenever towns expand into new development, it affects the population of animals in the vicinity. As can be seen, locals do not have the knowledge regarding the species importance for the animal habitat, and do not know how to avoid the risks associated with the developments in their area as well as to the areas around them.

The sloth sanctuary is committed to ensuring that Sloths have a habitat to thrive and survive.Volunteers are needed  to acquire enough information to determine the actions needed to be taken. It is important for volunteers to take part in the process of the research on all the species in the area such as the raccoons and sloths, and other mammals in order to learn from their behavior.

The Costa Rica sloth sanctuary provides locals with the environmental education needed to conserve the species and even improve their english skills while pursuing the field of eco friendly tourism.


Activities for Volunteers

Volunteers will participate in various activities to make the most of their trip. They will get to take part in walks at night and even help out during turtle hatching. The sanctuary provides a great way to connect with the locals and learn from them about the efforts being taken to conserve the species.

Research on the populations of the mammal such as monkeys, sloths, anteaters and raccoons along with the study of their behavior. Take part in the hatching of turtles and nesting as well as rescues of eggs. A volunteer will also help out with providing awareness to the public regarding the care of the wildlife and the importance of its role for the greater good of society and why conserving the species is of great value.

You will get to get link and discuss with different professionals in various sectors for the development to be successful, including social areas, economics, engineering, biology and architecture. It also provides the support to volunteers which helps develop the leadership skills needed to conserve the mammals.

Various volunteer opportunities shall be provided to engage with the local communities by creating programs for them to provide information. Also learn to coordinate the conserving program with the students at a school.


Enjoy your Time Volunteering

When you volunteer, you will get to meet the locals and other volunteers and build lifelong friendships. As a volunteer, one will get to visit various places in their free time. Shop for exotic items in Costa Rica where the local markets are bustling with life and travel to different places such as beaches over the weekend.

The country is truly blessed with pristine beaches and a tropical climate which makes travelling throughout the country an adventure. Costa Rica is home to active volcanoes, various national parks, beauty which cannot be found anywhere else and is the hub for eco tourism.

One can even learn or improve their Spanish language skills with lessons and dance lessons which locals will happily provide volunteers with. Being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Spanish is a very important language, especially for those of you who live in Europe or intend to work in Europe or even South America in the future.

It is considered as one of the most attractive languages which gives it more learns to be learnt. Take advantage of your time in one of the most beautiful Spanish speaking countries.


Details of the Volunteer Abroad Program

The volunteer abroad program gives volunteers the opportunity to volunteer at the sloth reserve, where they will get to interact with a huge population of sloths. The program is offered for a week to a maximum of 6 weeks and is the ideal choice for your summer vacation.

Volunteers will arrive at the San Jose (SJO) Juan Santamaria International Airport in Costa Rica.Their working schedule will be on the weekdays from Monday to Friday for at least a minimum of six hours a day.


Requirements for the Volunteer Abroad Program

A volunteer who desires to travel on their own (solo travelers) will have to be at the age of 17 years or older in order to participate in the volunteer abroad program. One will also have to make a donation of USD 50. An independent busride can be taken to the volunteer sites.

Volunteers who are at the age of 12 up to 16 years of age can travel with their parents. The program does not include Spanish Lessons.However, Spanish lessons can be taken after requesting from the volunteer program provider.

Many airlines provide a flight to the country such as United Airways, US Airways, American, Spirit Airways, Taca, Copa and others. Further, it is always required for volunteers to get vaccinated for Typhoid, Hep-A and Routine Vac. These will help ensure your health and fitness to participate in the volunteer trip.

A healthy and fit volunteer will be able to participate in all the activities of the program and learn many new skills.