Social media is a recent buzzword in the world of marketing. With every brand and its audience scattered over various channels of social media, it is now time for marketers to train their teams to make use of these platforms to the fullest. 

Social media platforms do not work on favoritism. It is all the work of algorithms that are ever-evolving. Thus arises the need to keep updated with the changes in the guidelines and algorithms; and consequently the training sessions. 

To make sure your programs are stellar and do not go to waste when it comes to training your marketing teams, find below a list of do’s and don’ts that you should certainly keep in mind. 


Do’s For Social Media Marketing Training 


  • Choose a proper software


Choosing an LMS and that too the right one is perhaps the most important step that an organization should undertake. A learning management system is a digital tool that allows you to create and deploy social media marketing training easily. 

You can make sure that you are adding relevant content with the help of this tool. There are also various gamification features such as leaderboards and badges that nudges the competitive nature of the employees, keeping them engaged with the programs. 



  • Be consistent 


As discussed above, social media trends, algorithms, and guidelines are always changing. This needs you to be consistent with your training efforts. Deploying training once and not putting more effort thereafter will hardly be of any benefit for your employees. 

Thus, it is important that you keep training your employees on a regular basis to avoid non-compliance behaviors of your marketing team. 



  • Establish goals for each session 


Goals play a major role in ensuring that your training is always set on the right track. Without goals, you will not have an answer to what exactly the purpose the training would solve. 

You need to make sure that you have solved the questions like what is the purpose of your training, what feature of social media marketing are you focusing on, and what level of employees are getting the current training. 

These goals will help you get a clear idea of what you are required to offer and to whom. 



  • Track performance 


One of the major mistakes that many training providers make is not focusing on whether or not the training was beneficial or not. This can only be done when you track your programs. 

Tracking helps you figure out the various areas of improvement in both- the performance of your employees and your training program. 

With this, you can offer constructive feedback to your employees while ensuring that you work on making your training programs more effective and engaging. 


Don’ts For Social Media Marketing Training 


  • Avoid procrastinating 


Many times employers tend to keep pushing the date of the training. They are under an impression that a certain feature is not that important or relevant in the present time, so they push the training of employees to a ‘later’ date. 

This can often lead to chaos when a problem related to that certain feature arises suddenly. Hence, it is better to be safe than sorry. It is better to train initially than be a mess later. 



  • Do not rely on one form of training 


To make sure your training is not boring or ineffective, it is best to ensure you are not relying on only one form of training. 

Keep it a mix of pre-recorded training sessions and instructor-led videos. This way, your employees can attend a training program as and when they need plus they can get a chance to solve their queries and doubts when it is time for an instructor-led session. 



  • Do not keep it over a phone call 


People who are under an impression that the easiest way to train an employee is by getting done with over a phone call are completely wrong. 

The attention span of a human being is lesser than that of a goldfish. The chances of making sure that your training is effective to go down the drain the moment you deploy it over a phone call. 

Moreover, the retention power of employees is also not enough to make sure they remember everything that they learn over the call. 



Social media algorithms are always changing. This makes training the marketing team crucial. Make sure you take all the right steps and avoid all the dont’s!