Starting A Youtube Channel For Your Business – The How’s and The Why’s

Did you know that on an average millennials access YouTube for at least once a day? This means starting a YouTube channel can be highly lucrative. Although only 9% of small businesses now have a dedicated channel, the increase in YouTube users has been tremendous. We can expect a high number of businesses launching their own channels on YouTube. Let us understand why starting a YouTube channel is a worthwhile pursuit for all types of businesses.


Reasons Why You Should Start A YouTube Channel

Here are 7 of the many benefits of starting a YouTube channel:

  • Your business can earn extra revenue when your channel strikes a chord with the audience. Enabling ads is easy and when you add this to your videos, you can make money based on the number of views. Increasing number of views translates into increased earnings.
  • Starting a YouTube channel does not mean that you’re going to be limited to YouTube. YouTube videos can easily be shared on other social media channels which can help your business gain popularity and help you connect with more customers


  • Videos are quite easy to make especially when you want to create a simple and basic one. The investment will be low as you don’t have to spend on complicated equipment- you can even use your smartphone. Similarly, editing and uploading are also simple which makes the entire process affordable.
  • Starting a YouTube channel allows you to increase your popularity by manifolds. Let’s say that you already have followers on other social media pages. You can conveniently connect to these followers to your YouTube channel as they will be more likely to subscribe to your new channel.
  • Research studies reveal that internet traffic for videos is going to increase by more than 80% by 2021. This means there’s huge potential if you start your own YouTube channel. The focus is going to shift from text-based content to video-based content in the coming years.
  • Starting a YouTube channel can help you gain the visibility that you seek. There are more than 1.5 billion people who use YouTube on a regular basis all over the world. Once your channel takes off, your visibility will increase by leaps and bounds.
  • People love videos which means you can have a YouTube video on your website. Upload important videos on YouTube explaining how your business works. Or, you can promote your YouTube channel through your website so that people will be interested in checking it out.


How To Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Now the question is how do you start your own channel? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you understand how you can go about starting a YouTube channel.


Step 1: Setting Up

Log onto your Google account to create and manage your YouTube channel. Since you want to create a brand account, you need to go to YouTube Channel Switcher, add the name of your business and create the new brand channel.


Step 2: Customizing

When starting a YouTube channel, it’s important that you customize properly. You should choose the channel icon and channel art carefully. The channel icon should be of BMP/PNG/ JPG format with 800×800 pixels. Channel art should be less than 4MB and 2560×1440 pixels. You can use Burst, a Shopify store, to find the perfect image.


Step 3: Filling In The Details

You need to add a good description of your channel. Ideally, this should include your business’ contact information and links to your other social media pages. Note that the first link enables you to add your store’s link. You can give this a catchy title such as ‘Shop Now’.


Step 4: Making Videos

When you’re starting a YouTube channel, it’s crucial to create the best video content. Make sure you post high-quality videos relating to your business and are also entertaining.

Post videos with relevant and unique content.


Step 5: Optimizing

Optimize your business’ YouTube channel by prioritizing video SEO. This includes taking care of the keywords and focusing on user engagement. Also, ensure proper formatting with the filename, title, tags, description, and length of videos.


There are other things you should keep in mind when you’re starting a YouTube channel. You can enable a prompt for subscribing to your channel, add a watermark, efficiently use end screens, and link cards. Cards enable people to be directed to your store. This is possible when you’re part of the YouTube Partner Program. You can add the link to your Shopify store so that customers who’re interested can purchase by clicking on it and be redirected to your Shopify store.