Stream your favorite shows online – hassle free!

The corona virus pandemic has led us all to stay indoors. With movie theatres shut down and other avenues of entertainment out of reach, an interesting rise in the % of people streaming films and shows online has been observed.

Naturally with limited resources to keep us occupied throughout the day, Streaming service search engines are on a constant hull to find the film/show of your choice. While the internet is booming with so many online streaming options, it gets tricky and time consuming to find the right streaming services.

A lot of these streaming search engines and websites either are cramped up with unnecessary ads or redirect links that redirects you to nasty websites and sometimes to complete roadblocks; places that don’t even have the film/season/show that you were looking for, in the first place.

It can be so problematic especially when your food is sitting right next to you, waiting to be devoured, getting cold, asking you peacefully to be consumed while you are struggling to get that link to work so you can watch your favorite show. We all have been there. In case you’ve grown tired of that and landed here to see what works and what doesn’t, then don’t worry. You have landed at the right place, we won’t redirect. We’re here to listen and help. Let’s investigate the realm of online streaming, shall we?

Here’s an interesting assortment of Online streaming websites and platforms that you can use to stream your favorite shows to watch online.


TV streaming players

A lot of the new TV devices come with an inbuilt streaming player. By just tapping on the home screen search bar or using voice control, you can easily search for your favorite show or film online.


Roku TVs and streaming devices

Roku TVs and streaming players allow its users to tap or use voice control to search for different films and shows online, from the comfort of your cozy couch. With an additional OS update recently, users are now able to search for the desired shows in Spanish. You can use voice control on the TV or any of your devices, such as your phone or tablet that has the Roku app installed in it, to search for movies. Roku is equipped to search from over a 100 streaming services and offers a quick playback from at least 50 of them.


Apple TV

Apple TV is a great and easy way to stream for films online. The voice and type search is powered by SIRI. This allows the users to easily search for the desired film or TV show online. Siri comes in handy especially if you don’t remember the name of a particular film. In this case it offers a search engine that allows you search for films and shows related to the following keywords.

  • Title
  • Topic
  • Actors
  • Director
  • Genre
  • Reviews
  • Rating
  • Age appropriateness

Siri offers more than 90 channels and online streaming platforms for you to choose from.


Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV offers around 80 channels and online streaming services. It is powered by Alexa and works similarly to the Apple TV. One little issue about the search bar is that the content is powered by Amazon and is usually prioritized according to its own search trends. However it’s another great way to stream for your favorite shows online.


Google Android TV

Google powered Android TVs and Streaming devices offer a great and easy way to watch films and shows online. Just use the search bar or voice control to search for your favorite shows. One great feature offers the control panel to be customized. This is very similar to how your phone works. Just type/ voice search a film and it’ll direct you to all the channels that are offering it.


Just Watch

Just watch is one of the best online streaming platforms. When it comes to online streaming nothing gets better than JustWatch. The easy to use and free website offers an astounding 85 channels and platforms that you can choose from. Once you have searched for your desired TV show/Film it redirects you to all the channels where it’s available.

The search engine is designed to comb out the best shows at the best prices online. Once you have searched for a show it will redirect you to channels where you can rent, buy or purchase at a really good cost.

The search bar also uses your search history and matches it with recommendations online, customized especially for your taste. Some other interesting features that are offered by JustWatch include:

  • Shows available in 4K
  • Online show and films available to stream for free
  • Works with IOS, Android, Fire TV apps
  • Offers Direct-TVs on-demand library


Reel Good

Reel Good offers around 60 channels and online streaming platforms. Once you have logged into your reel good account you can search for films, shows and much more. Reel good offers a great and simple way to search for your desired shows. The search bar is well equipped and also offers free streaming platforms.

Some key features about Reel Good include

  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV
  • Offers channels like Amazon prime
  • Netflix
  • Video
  • Hulu
  • HBO
  • Showtime
  • Disney+
  • Amazon prime
  • Acorn TV
  • Mubi
  • Free streaming channels
  • The best online rent and purchase offers



GoWatch is another great platform when it comes to streaming films online. You can stream online for free or rent and purchase shows online from a list of a wide range streaming channels. You can check the availability of movies on

  • Netflix
  • HBO
  • Apple TV+
  • ITunes and much more.

The website is easy to use and is compatible with all smartphones. The webpage is designed to categorize the most popular films online at any given time. Just select the film of your choice and it will redirect you to the channel that offers the best prices. This makes the online streaming experience hassle free and fun.

The above mentioned streaming services and platforms are user friendly and tested for compliance. These platforms are ad-free and make the online streaming experience so much more fun than wasting a good hour being redirected to useless links. Hopefully this assortment will prove to be helpful and you can enjoy your snacks in peace.

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