Marketing is an essential tool for all businesses, but for startups, it is quite mandatory. For a startup, business growth is pivotal, so one has to raise brand awareness. But as an amateur, you can’t run costly marketing and PR campaigns like other businesses as it will strain your budget; thus, your product quality can be compromised. So, as a startup, you have to run your campaign with affordable means wisely. With so many options available on the internet for marketing, you may get muddled up about which to choose, so here I have mapped out the most effective marketing strategies that every corporate and large business has employed as initials. Also, all these tips are budget-friendly and proven to work.

Opt for social media 

As the adage goes, modern problems require modern solutions. So, this digital era demands digital marketing. Most of the prestigious brands have also moved their focus on internet marketing owing to its effectiveness. As an amateur business owner, you must pay attention to your digital marketing campaigns. Social media is a great platform to promote your product, and it is a place where most of the business rivals compete for customers.

Try to create an active social media presence. The best approach is to create a website and link it with your every post. You can also provide giveaways and exclusive discounts to boost your traffic. Also, try to focus on your content, so you make it catchy and attractive. Thus, there will be higher chances that your potential customers will share it on the platform. You can also hire a social marketing term for this purpose as they know how to do it perfectly.

Sponsor event

One effective way to attract potential customers is to organize events. Event organization is a delicate task as it requires plenty of research that can guarantee its effectiveness. You have to focus on the targeted audience for the necessary publicity. Offering lanyards with your brand logo printed on it is an exceptional promotional technique highly adopted by large corporates. A lanyard has complete contact information of your brand imprinted on and it is easier for customers to contact you after the event. Also, each staff member and visitor wearing different customized ID holders will help their recognition. They can also be kept as souvenirs. Remember that you are a startup, so extravagance is not your thing, a simple info session or in-house sale can aptly serve your purpose.

Email advertising

Email advertising is a much more affordable trick than brochures or pamphlets. First of all, know our potential customers, know their preferences, and make a lucrative deal for them. Emailing your deal to all your customers is free of cost. Once you have your customer’s email address, you can conveniently send them prospects regarding your startups. 

Try to link up your site in the mail and remember to diversify your email with buying guides, etc., as emailing only promotional content may urge viewers to block your messages.

Distribute lanyards

Lanyards are exceptional marketing tools that are employed by large corporations as well as startups. With the growing market, competing companies resort to different tools like large banners, flyers, brochures, etc. among them, lanyards still hold their place. Lanyards from 4inlanyards have become a norm nowadays owing to their varied usage; one of them is advertising. The functionality of a lanyard is not only for holding your badges, conducting security passes, or keeping keys and flash drive as with your company name imprinted; it becomes a walking and talking tool that promotes your product. 

Word of mouth

Ask your customers to share their experience with the different social media platforms. Share reviews from clients across social media platforms as they provide a testimonial for your product quality. Word of mouth is free of cost and a profoundly compelling marketing technique. Your expected customers are looking for assurances, and your potential customers’ glowing reviews provide them with it. It is a proven fact that word of mouth from family, peers, colleagues have inbuilt credibility as they have no ulterior motives. These simple steps are going to skyrocket your leads and attract the expected customers who are anticipating positive results from your service.