E-commerce could have never worked if there weren’t any online payment gateways of low fees. It’s a No monkey business instead this option has made the online payment service so convenient and sustainable. Day by day, its users are increasing at an insane amount. Many e-commerce business owners have so much facilitated by this service to do their business smoothly and doing any e-commerce-based business has never been so easy. If you don’t know what is a payment gateway then let me tell you that it’s a software application which supports the transactions between the e-commerce website’s orders and the supporting bank to make online payments securely. It helps in validating and authenticating the buyer’s and seller’s data.

What is Stripe?

One of the most popular online payment gateways is Stripe. It is a popular online payment program which also supports in debit/ credit card processing. It is one of the ideal platforms for SMEs and online businesses. You can customize the major aspects according to your feasibility, can make it more secure, and manage your business securely. If it matches your requirements then just sign up and start using it. But if you can’t use Stripe due to any reasons like it doesn’t operate in your country or you don’t find it working as per your requirements. Then what are the alternative options you have? Let’s see.

Alternate online payment gateways beside Stripe

·       PayPal

PayPal online payment gateway is one of the best payment processing solutions which helps in online credit card processing, receiving payments from rewards, debit cards, PayPal credit system, and other retail payments. One gets full control over their transactions and it needs no extra payments from the buyers. If you have a small business or a big online setup, it’s one of the best solutions to meet your business requirements.  Have you been always stressed out in buying online goods from different websites? So, don’t worry now. Just have some faith in PayPal online payment system which can easily be integrated with so many bank accounts, credit/ debit cards, etc. It makes the entire purchasing process so flexible and smooth that you can’t ignore this fact.

Some of the best reasons to choose the PayPal payment system over Stripe are as follows:

  • We don’t need PayPal account to buy or sell through this online payment gateway.
  • Plus what can you do more is that you may accept payments through PayPal payments with the help of cellphone, fax or email, etc.
  • You may easily integrate your company’s signature colour and theme to overall payment gateway application so, it may look more professional.
  • The whole payment procedure becomes a lot faster and convenient without the involvement of a much longer procedure. And it is always accessible just a click away.
  • It works without any problem with all the e-commerce shopping carts like CRM, Woo Commerce, etc. So, there is never any problem of payment integration.
  • Why should you use the PayPal online payment system? You would love to have free things then why don’t start with PayPal. It’s of no cost and is free. It has no monthly or annual membership fees. There are no hidden charges or processing fees at all. So, that is why most people who do online shopping frequently love to pay through PayPal online payment system because it is much secure and very easy to use.

·       Amazon

Similarly, Amazon is also a popular online payment gateway system which is equally liked by the buyers, merchant services, and sellers, etc. It is one easiest, robust and convenient payment solution where there are two main options to choose from. One is the Pay with Amazon that is suitable for sellers and the second one is Log in and Pay for the sellers. It has all the essential features which are needed by the merchants and seller to have an amazing online shopping experience.

Why should we use Amazon payments instead of Stripe? Some of the main reasons are as follows:

  • It is because Amazon payment supports in each and every case instead of depending on the size of business. Whether your business’ size is large or small, every business can be catered in it. It helps you to make a stronger relationship with your customers.
  • The customizable tools help you to make the most of all the feature for the benefit of your customers. The process of whole purchasing has become much simplified.
  • The protocols of the Amazon payment system are so much secure that all your information and database would be in high protection.

·       Merchant Chimp INC

Merchant Chimp INC is one of the best choices as an online payment gateway for the smooth working of your business. It is one of the best service providers which is built upon the solid foundation of ideas, values, and ethics. Moreover, it is helping several SMEs, existing businesses, entrepreneurs, and new start-ups. The service provider helps in securing the business owner to make up new, affordable, sustainable, and reliable solutions through online payment processing. Not even supporting the existing and established businesses, but we also understand and appreciate the upcoming new people in the industry plus support the SMEs. They become really excited in supporting the entrepreneurial spirit our sellers and buyers.

What are the main services provided by Merchant Chimp INC?

  • They provide services to the Merchants in a convenient, user-friendly and in a most suitable way. It helps in making your whole business smooth, profitable and efficient at the same time.
  • The second service, they provide to the Sales partners who are booming in the industry and how these customized tools can boost up their businesses to reach the top.
  • The third service is for employees to make a friendly and casual environment so once can work in the freest way.
  • The fourth service is for the customers so they can always do purchasing anytime and anywhere. So, you can always make online credit card processing without any hassle.