StsRoyal Review

Nowadays, the most talked about financial instrument is none other than cryptocurrency. The volatility of this commodity may have discouraged some people from investing in them, but at the same time, it has motivated others to take the risk.

After all, the higher the risk, the more you can earn. The problem is that most brokers out there don’t offer many crypto options to traders. Not everyone is willing to invest massive amounts of money that’s needed for trading Bitcoin and other market leaders. If you want to enjoy a diversified portfolio by trading different cryptocurrencies, you should opt for a comprehensive crypto trading platform like StsRoyal.

This is an investment platform that has been designed specifically for crypto trading. Even though it does have authorization to offer CFDs for other commodities, StsRoyal has chosen to keep its focus on cryptocurrencies only. This has allowed the broker to incorporate all features and services that crypto traders are likely to require to trade comfortably. Some of the offerings that you will find at StsRoyal are:

An impressive level of security

Security is not an aspect that can be taken lightly when you are trading online, especially in the crypto world. This market has been plagued by hacks and scammers due to which people are more than cautious when investing their money.

StsRoyal has not made any compromises when it comes to this aspect because they want to provide their clients with a secure trading environment. Firstly, they have opted for SSL encryption that immediately encrypts data shared on the platform so cyber-criminals cannot make use of it.

They also verify the identity of every individual signing up with them under the rules of the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy. This requires traders to submit proof of identity and proof of address before being given access to the trading platform. This prevents shady individuals from signing up with fake accounts.

The availability of extensive cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are common offerings amongst brokers, but StsRoyal has expanded their asset index to add some of the newer options that have a lot of potential. You can invest in Monero, Litecoin, Neo, Iota and many other new crypto coins. There are more than 500 coins that can be traded, which is a big benefit because it allows you to diversify your crypto portfolio and counter the volatility of the asset as a whole.

Access to market experts

Since the crypto market is still relatively new, even those who have traded crypto before need advice and guidance every now and then. For newcomers, it is even more important because they have to understand how the market works. StsRoyal has understood this vital need of its traders and so they give every trader the opportunity of consulting with a personal analyst. When you create an account with StsRoyal, no matter which account type you choose, you will be assigned an analyst. They can teach you tips and tricks and help you in improving and developing effective strategies for trading cryptocurrencies profitably.

Low costs of trading crypto

One of the biggest issues that traders often have with brokers is the fees they charge at the end of the day. When you have worked hard to profit from your trades, you certainly don’t want someone else to get a big cut of their profits.

Yet, there are brokers that leech money from their clients by charging high commission rates. StsRoyal doesn’t follow this practice at all because they are not charging commissions on trading volume. They earn their profits via spreads, which are some of the most competitive ones you will come across in the market. Deposits can be made for free, withdrawal costs are minimal and there are no hidden costs involved. All of this helps traders in keeping their trading costs low.

The various banking options

Adding and withdrawing funds can often be a time consuming and complicated process for traders, which can add to their stress. Many brokers can make things too difficult for traders and discourage them from investing altogether. StsRoyal has absolutely no intentions of doing so and to show their commitment, they have added a variety of banking options for their clients. Everything from the traditional to modern has been incorporated to provide as much convenience as possible.

You can use the bank wire transfer option if you are conscious about security. Debit and credit cards are accepted, which are quite speedy. If you want to take advantage of modern methods, StsRoyal provides support for numerous digital payment options that provide a whole lot of convenience and ease. Suffice it to say, making deposits or withdrawing your profits is easier than ever.

Access to quality education

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies profitably and with minimum losses, you need to learn as much about the commodity as possible. Understanding the trends and tools that can be used can make a big difference. StsRoyal has set up their trading academy on their website, where every trader, whether they are experienced or novices, will find plenty of material to help them in boosting their knowledge. You can learn through e-books and videos and there are webinars conducted to help everyone understand the market in a better way.


StsRoyal has developed a comprehensive FAQ section, offers robust customer support, has kept impressive margins and leverages available and simplified the account opening process. Their web-based trading platform has also earned the appreciation of many traders in the market due to its innovative features. They help in risk management and maintain strict privacy policies.

If that’s not enough, the broker has also provided other trading opportunities to its clients in the form of referrals. When you add up all of these offerings with the ones mentioned above, it is not very difficult to determine why StsRoyal has earned so much recognition. You can use their services to trade the crypto of your choice and add it to your investment portfolio.