Nepal is a bucket list destination for a great deal of travelers due to unique geography and rich biodiversity it holds. Along with many cultural and historical treasure it proudly boasts, Nepal is known to have good weather all year long welcoming visitors.

But the days of spring and autumn are advised to the days of monsoon and winter. Frequent heavy rainfalls in monsoon and fogs in winter may cause hindrances for you to enjoy the days you spend here to its fullest.

April, the month of spring is one of the best months to visit Nepal. Most parts of Nepal are warm with tremendous views in April.

Some destinations recommended by us if you are planning to visit which you must are:

1.   Upper mustang Trekking

The region untouched by western culture provides the best view of Nilgiri, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri along with other glittering mountains. Through rocky trails, rivers, apple fields and amidst nature the route ultimately lead us to the forbidden kingdom of Lo. Lo, being blessed with many stupas, monuments can be called a Tibetan shrine. During the trek with breaks at local tea shop you will get to experience the warm hospitality provided by Magar and Gurungs (i.e. enthic group).The kindness of the locals will surely warm your heart.

The upper mustang trek provides the perfect trekking experience with balanced blend of cultural and natural exposure the journey provides. In April, the splendid views of landscape and the warm temperature adds in positively to our journey. Hence, it is one of the best treks we recommend for a visit in April.

2.   Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest base camp to the view of world tallest mountain Mt.Everest.Either you visit the south base camp or the north base camp the overall experience that the trek provided you will be the most adventurous days of your life. Throughout the journey the beautiful backdrop of Himalayas shall never leave your sight. Along with the Himalayas the rare floras and faunas you get to witness along the way provides a complete delightful package for the trek. No wonder,

Everest base camp trek is one of the most famous treks in the world.  Throughout the journey you will be getting pass many villages that is as popular as another after reaching Lukla by the thrilling Kathmandu Lukla Flight. In each village you will get to witness different cultures and lifestyles of inhabitants.

The weather in April is perfect for you to catch the mesmerizing views of splendid Himalayas including Everest. The rocky trails will not be slippery as in winter seasons making your journey much easier. So, if you are planning to take on an inspirational journey Everest Base camp is perfect for you.

3.   Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Another rare trek that bring you closer to the tallest mountains in the world including 7th highest mountain, Mt Dhaulagiri (8,167 m) and 10th highest mountain Mt Annapurna (8091m) with Mt. Machhapurchhe, Mt Gangapurna, Mt Annapurna South, Mt Nilgiri, Mt Barahi Shikhar as well as small glaciers.En route you will see rhododendrons in full bloom along with other floras especially if you set off for the journey in April. The local people living in the region who radiate their warmthess and energy to others multiplies the beauty of this naturally blessed region.

Annapurna base camp is another trekking experience we would recommend you to endeavor. Believe us no other treks in the world except Everest base camp trek can provide experience that Annapurna base camp trek will provide to you.