Every day you go in your closet in search of the perfect styling. But no matter how many parts you carry home after shopping, you always have the feeling that you never have the right ones in the closet.

Here are some tips and tricks for the perfect wardrobe, with which every outfit is an eye-catcher!


Styling Tip # 1: Basics for the wardrobe

In order to provide a basis for style, a well-stocked wardrobe needs a copious basic wardrobe. These include, in addition to a white blouse that matches jeans, costume and skirts, a few simple, figure-hugging T-shirts and sweaters, which is especially suitable for the transitional period in spring and autumn. You can check cool and funny sweaters in justcoolsweaters.com.

Another styling tip is to have at least some well-fitting jeans and a black and gray skirt in the closet.

The second important factor is the color choice. There are three main dimensions that contribute significantly to the success or failure of an outfit.

Choosing the color palette

While some colors are bland and pale, others are comparable to good makeup. Typing is differentiated according to seasons. Once you realized for yourself whether cool or warm colors suit you better, much is gained.

In general, the colors of your skin, veins and eyes, even in your clothes, should be tried in front of the mirror and ask your friends or shop assistants.


Styling Tip # 2: Timeless and classically chic

In order to quickly have a suitable outfit for more chic events, the little black dress is an absolute must in every wardrobe.

Even a trouser suit is part of every basic wardrobe, where not always top and pants must be worn together, but also individually wonderfully combined with current trend parts. And even if you do not wear it every day, a floor-length evening dress, no matter what the color, should not be left out of the closet to make it stylish at any gala.


Styling Tip # 3: Cuddly warm

To make a fashionable figure even at cooler temperatures, a dark coat made of wool is an absolute must. A trench coat is well suited for the transition in spring and autumn and never goes out of fashion!

In addition, a classic tweed blazer should not be missing in any wardrobe that can be worn simply to jeans, but also classic trouser suit.


Styling Tip # 4: The white shirt

Often underestimated, but is clearly one of the fashion basics: A simple, white short-sleeved shirt. It always fits – whether it’s the delicate tulle skirt, chunky knit cardigan or business blazer. Here, quality is particularly important so that the good piece does not get out of shape after the first wash.

We recommend slim or regular fit, so slightly waisted or straight cuts with a round neck – they are guaranteed to never go out of fashion.

Styling Tip # 5: The shirt blouse

A short night? Important meeting at the job? Or just looking for a part that “calms down” the wild-patterned rock?

In all three cases, a classic cotton shirt blouse in a light shade such as white or light blue is perfect. It makes you look fresh, is ideal for layering looks with other basic pieces and a great complement to key pieces that no other garment should steal the show. But it can also be extremely casual, for example, when you wear them with jeans.