The requirement to build a deep basis of trust with customers has rarely been as important as it is today. Only through profound trust the required sales by companies can be achieved. Business activities are becoming more and more impersonal, this is mainly due to digitisation, which has made its way through anonymity on the Internet. This observation can also be seen from one’s own perspective. The trust factor is the main basis for trusting an online or web shop when making a purchase. In this way, it can also be observed that the vast majority of people are visiting sites they know and trust. Trust in the personal favourite shop is built up in a habitual way, and when something new is tried out, immensely long periods of time are spent on the Internet to find the company that is suitable for them.

This fact means that online business activity is increasingly leading to a competitive battle that focuses solely on the desired customers. Image and play a decisive role. Without the power of persuasion to communicate one’s own product quality to the customers, no sales will take place.

The search structure of an on-line confidence basis begins for the customer. As soon as the prospective customer encounters the suitable website, it is often only seconds until the purchase decision or at least a closer consideration of the purchase takes place. Thus, it can be stated that it is the first impression which conveys to the customer to what extent its purchase desire can be realized with the dealer in question.

It is of central importance that this first impression is transmitted more intensively. This leads to the understanding of the customer, that his desire is taken seriously. In order to create such an impression, it is worth creating an image film. Placed directly on the company’s homepage, this is a deal solution. In this way, the building of trust is significantly promoted. It is important to know that an image film hardly exceeds the costs of a conventional advertising film. For a short sequence of approximately 1.5 minutes about 4,500 EUR must be estimated. You can find an adequate provider for the German market here:

Here even a view behind the firm internal affairs can be granted. The company is almost exclusively anxious to satisfy customer needs and wishes.