Sump pumps are actually submersible pumps, a special class of pumps. This special class of pump operates while being completely submerged into the fluid being pumped. The motor used in sump pumps are hermitically sealed and is coupled close to the pump body.


Sump pumps have wide array of applications starting from small domestic applications to large scale industrial applications like in offshore drilling rig. As far as domestic application is concerned, sump pumps are mostly used to remove water accumulated in your basement. Basement of your house may get flooded due to various reasons like excessive rain. And the basement of your house is in even more danger if it is located below the ground water level in your surrounding area. So, sump pump is an absolute must have at your home, if there is a basement in your house. Here, we have listed some of the best sump pumps available in the market along with their brief review at


Wayne CDU800 – The Wayne is a very reputed brand in the market of submersible pumps. And the Wayne CDU800 is one of the best products available in the market. It comes with 3 years of manufacturer warranty to keep your mind at peace for a long period of time. This machine is powered at 1/2 HP at 100 volts and provides an output of 3900 gallons per hour at 5’ head. The maximum output of this sump pump is 4200 gallons per hour. A vertical float switch is there in this sump pump to ensure automatic operation when the water level in your basement is high enough. Corrosion proof reinforced thermoplastic material is used to construct the base of this pump, cast iron and steel is used to build the body of this pump making it one of the best builds pump in the market. Top suction design of this pump filters debris and ensures that the impeller is not clogged. However, this sump pump is not suitable to be used in shallow wells. And, the float is switch sometimes malfunctions while in operation.


Wayne CDU790 – The Wayne CDU790 is another product from Wayne, and it is one of the cheapest sump pumps available in the market of sump pumps. This one also comes with 3 years of warranty. It is equipped with a 0.30 HP motor that delivers an output of 3450 gallons per hour and has maximum output of 3800 gallons per hour. The build quality of this very sump pump is very good as it is made of cast iron and steel. An epoxy coating is provided on the body of this sump pump to ensure less corrosion and maximum life. This sump pump also possesses top suction mechanism to filter debris and save the impeller from clogging. However, the handle of this sump pump is found to be a bit small in size. Also some of the steel parts of this sump pump are not epoxy coated making those parts vulnerable to corrosion.


These two sump pumps however, are very good for regular usage.