In today’s society, straight teeth are more in demand than ever. We pay much more attention to our appearance and the way we present ourselves to the others. After all, everyone wants a radiant and flawless smile. But, there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. Unfortunately, it was never an easy decision to make.

Constant visits to the orthodontist, long treatment process and extremely high therapy costs discourage many patients from taking on the treatment. But there is one more factor that stops people from having teeth correction. The brace. Many adults quit on a decision to straighten up their teeth exactly because of the dislike of the brace. We used to pair it off with young people. Who would like to go to work or to the meeting with the smile of teenager?  We want to be treated seriously and the brace lower our self-confidence causes discomfort.

But luckily wearing braces is not the only way to have beautiful smile. This is exactly where the new alternative comes in – invisible aligners.


Get the new smile from the comfort of your home

Invisible aligners are quite a revolution on the dental market and it seemed to democratize such strongly regulated industry. What exactly are the invisible aligners and how do they work?

The main point – you can achieve your new smile without leaving your house. How? In three simple steps.

In the first step, you need to order 3D imprint of your teeth. How? At the website SmileMeUp you can order at-home impression kit and make it easily yourselves. Then, the team of orthodontist and dentists will review your 3D impression and will create a simulation of the expected teeth movement and results.

At this point, you are free to decide whether the results are satisfying or not. If they are, the cooperation partner will be assigned to you and assist you in a check-up visit. However, if the expected results are below your expectations, it is not too late to quit. The treatment can be terminated at this point with no further costs.


The transparent aligners make it possible

Before the transparent aligner is made, the already mentioned “check-up” takes place at a cooperation partner or your dentist. The suitability for the treatment is confirmed in a personal conversation. Once this step has been taken, it’s time to get down to business: The transparent aligner is made individually for each patient based on 3D model the information collected.

Within the short waiting time, you receive a sample to determine whether it fits or not. If it causes discomfort, the disturbance will be fixed. The actual aligners are made afterwards, after client confirm 100 % satisfactory by using those, to make sure they are fitting perfectly.


Six months journey to your perfect smile

What is pretty great advantage of those little transparent aligners is definitely the duration of the treatment. Unlike, the classical methods that treatment last for approx. 2-3 years, the treatment with transparent aligners is done within 6 months. Sounds great, doesn´t it?

After the patient is convinced of the results, the transparent aligners are sent, and the treatment starts. The malpositions are eliminated and a wonderful smile with straight teeth remains.


Transparent aligners: Inexpensive and modern alternative

Transparent aligners seem to be a great solution to carried out teeth correction inexpensively and in relatively short time – comparing to traditional method. Modern technology and materials give an opportunity to everyone to achieve flawless and straight smile. Surly, you could achieve the same results with orthodontist, but it would be much longer more expensive. The decision is yours, but we can easily say: The future is here, the future with the beautiful and flawless smile.