Hardly any other garment is as all-rounder as the classic T-shirt. The shirt can be styled to a business look on hot days, but can also be quickly converted to a leisure style. The fashion-conscious gentleman can find out what’s on this summer’s agenda here:

Classic style in the office

When the sun lets the temperatures rise early, we want to wear as little as possible in the office. Fortunately, the T-shirt is available in so many different variations that the classic round neck shirt can accompany us on hot days.

In black or grey, the classic can also be comfortably combined with light suit trousers to create a light and relaxed office chic.

The popular black T-shirt fits perfectly to every style and so you also make a good figure at the end of the day beer with the colleagues in the T-shirt, because the classic black T-shirt belongs as a basic in every wardrobe and is therefore again popular this summer season.

Superheroes and Co

Who says only children are allowed to show off their beloved superheroes? Even big superhero fans can show their superheroes this summer. Classically cut men’s T-shirts show the logo of superheroes this summer, but also shirts with well-known brand logos or other eye-catching prints are totally trendy this summer. So only show courage and colour with the trendy T-shirt print. Alternatively, you can also print your own T-shirt. Thus, a logo or lettering of his choice can be worn. This is also particularly suitable as a gift.


The summer of love is over, but the trends of this era keep coming back. Batik shirts in many different colors are not only popular with former hippies. The psychedelic styles make this year again great desire for festivals and music. If you want to create your very own look, you can easily create your own individual batik shirts with classic white shirts and some fabric colour.

Bet on V!

Women are not the only ones who choose their clothes according to their figure type. This also applies to men who are wondering if a given cut fits their figure. The V neckline T-shirt is a hit of recent seasons. Although it was initially seen more often among women, it quickly became an excellent piece of clothing for many men. The V neckline T-shirt is a great choice for men with a bigger posture. T-shirts of this type lengthen the neck and reveal the chest slightly, which allows you to boast a muscular torso.

Return of the Retro-Logo

Until some time ago, T-shirts with logos were not welcome on catwalks. However, the 2019 season has made a huge difference. Today, this type of solution is very often offered by the biggest fashion houses. Gucci and Prada, these and many other brands, show that the logos come back with a stomp. Not only do they accompany smooth models, but we often see them in combination with a striped or buttoned men’s T-shirt. Large logos proudly placed on the central part of the shirt can diversify almost any styling. You don’t have to be worried about bold prints and markings anymore, because this season: the bigger the logo, the better.


It all depends on length

A T-shirt must never be too tight. When buying a T-shirt, you should therefore always make sure that the T-shirt is bought in the right length. A well-fitting t-shirt goes up to a hand’s width under the end of the trousers.

If you like it casual, you can go for the trendy XXL shirts, which style an airy loose oversized look. So you can get through the heat even on very hot days.