The Importance of Corporate Presence in Social Media

Social media is one of the most important components in marketing. The reach of social media is growing over time – so the number of its users is growing daily. For this very reason, the management of social networks is an important factor in the sales strategy. However, a successful appearance on social platforms requires detailed planning, analysis and professional implementation.

Social media – what’s so special about it?

In the meantime, the use of social media has become part of everyday life for almost everyone. This daily use makes the networks interesting for companies – but they have to bear in mind that the rules of the game are completely different from normal marketing and advertising strategies. On the net, customers gain influence, they are informed through networking. That’s why you don’t want boring corporate or product advertisements. You can decide which services or products you are interested in.

It is important for companies to be part of this social media communication so that they can pick up customers wherever they are. This, of course, requires a skilful introduction to social media conversation. This is the only way to address and win potential customers.

In which social networks should companies advertise?

The number of social platforms is huge: networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and video sharing platforms enable companies to promote their products and services. A large number of companies have long been represented on Facebook.

However, marketing via this network is more difficult these days, as the target group on Facebook has aged considerably due to the migration of young generations. For this reason, it is particularly important for companies to focus on the most suitable media. The most essential questions that need to be answered are the following: Who are my customers? What services or products do I offer? What is the relationship of my customers to the products and services in the range?

The optimal choice is therefore based exclusively on a detailed analysis of all conditions. A successful social media presence then leads to image building and brand awareness. This strengthens customer loyalty, as the business is experienced in a dialog-ready and authentic manner. A well-positioned social media management is indispensable for the control of result-oriented marketing.

Social Media Management – Importance and Functionality

It is no secret that today’s digital media have a great influence on modern companies. Nevertheless, the use of social media and the like is a great challenge – especially for small and medium-sized companies. In this article, we will discuss these challenges and examine the critical success factors that must be considered for a functioning, modern marketing.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

The current leading companies are showing the way: Presence on major platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram is essential for sustained success. This is due to the fact that these media have the largest reach. Marketing campaigns can also be managed efficiently and purposefully by defining an exact target group. This is not possible in any other medium.

However, in order to use the full power of social media marketing for oneself, a basis must first be created. This means that a company’s presence on the net harmonises as well as possible with the social media. This requires a precise analysis of the target group as well as the product range and its presentation on the website.

Ultimately, one can imagine the functioning of functioning social media marketing as a typical, but somewhat more complex “marketing funnel”. A potential customer, for example, is made aware of a company through entertaining content on Facebook and liket the company page. The company can then use this relationship with the potential customer to build trust through targeted postings. The aim is to draw the potential customer to the website via this trust in order to make him an offer here and thus make him a paying customer.

Expenses for social media management are often underestimated

If you realize how complex the process of such a funnel is, you will quickly realize that such a marketing instrument must function completely in order to achieve success and ultimately sales.

In many companies, however, only one employee is entrusted with taking care of the social media appearance in addition to his main activity. However, depending on the size of the company, a properly positioned social media management requires at least one full-time position, perhaps even a team of several people. Ideally, these employees should be trained in social media marketing.

Alternatively, it is also possible to commission a social media agency. Professionals of the Social Media Management take care of themselves here. In order to bring this competence back into the company in the long term, many agencies also offer training courses on these topics.