Cannabis edibles are alternatives to smoking cannabis leaves or consuming its oil extract. There is a plethora of cannabis edibles out there. Some are composed of high CBD low THC cannabis strains, while others are composed of the reversal. Since they are edibles, the cannabinoids are mixed into delicious food products. Some of the food choices include brownies, gummy bears, chocolate bars, and cookies.

There is a growing market for CBD and THC edibles, just like there is for smokable CBD and smokable THC. Not only are edibles easier to consume, but they have longer-lasting effects on the consumer. Anytime you eat something, the digestive system will gradually absorb the nutrients and chemical compounds you ingested. That is why the impact of edible consumption will last longer than smoking marijuana or dropping cannabinoid oil under your tongue.

Everyone wants to know which edible lasts longer: THC edibles or CBD edibles. Well, it depends on how many milligrams of each cannabinoid gets injected into the food product. Some cannabis strains have more milligrams of THC and CBD than others. It is best to learn more about the various strains and the health effects associated with them.


Waiting Time for the Effects

When you eat an edible cannabis product, you will not feel the effects right away. Health professionals have done extensive research into how long it takes for the effects to get noticed after consumption. They suggest a person has to wait at least 30 to 60 minutes after ingestion before they will feel a difference.

It will take between 2 to 3 hours before you feel the “peak high” of the cannabinoid edible. People always want the peak high to last forever because it is when the euphoric or psychoactive effects are at their highest levels. After the three-hour mark passes, the effects will gradually diminish for the next 2 to 3 hours.

The number of cannabinoids that you consume will also play a factor here. If you only consume a small amount of cannabis-infused edible products, your peak high won’t last very long. Then you will return to a state of normalcy a lot faster too. But if you consume 20 milligrams or more of cannabinoid edibles, you could feel the effects for a much longer time.

Here is a list of all the factors that contribute to the waiting period for the effects of cannabinoid edibles:

  • THC or CBD: the type of cannabinoid consumed
  • The amount of the cannabinoid that was consumed (measured in milligrams)
  • The digestive health of the consumer
  • The amount of other food in the stomach and digestive system currently.

The waiting time is not affected as much by the type of cannabinoid. If you were to Buy Gorilla Glue THC Vape Cartridges to consume 20 milligrams of THC on one day and 20 milligrams of CBD on the next day, there would be an equal amount of waiting time for each cannabinoid. You’d need to wait 30 to 60 minutes for the effects to start and 2 to 3 hours for the peak high to occur.

The calming down period after the peak high will take another 6 hours or so. Some people notice the effects diminish quickly if the cannabinoid dosage was small. But higher dosages above 20 milligrams will take 7 to 12 hours before the consumer begins feeling normal again.

It is easy for consumers to misjudge the waiting time of CBD if they’ve already had THC before. Although CBD offers many positive benefits for the user, they are not as potent as THC. That is why if you’re transitioning from THC to CBD, the euphoric sensation might not seem as intensified to you. Sometimes this might be for the best if you’re trying to avoid a psychoactive effect.


The Role of the Digestive System

The big difference between edibles and the other cannabis consumption methods has to do with the digestive system. When you vape or smoke a cannabis plant, the cannabinoid compounds go straight to your central nervous system. They don’t need to pass through your digestive system.

Since edible products must get eaten, your digestive system has to absorb the cannabinoid compounds before you feel the effects. That is why it takes longer for you to feel the effects when you consume edibles. Some people prefer vaping and smoking because the effects come much faster.

However, the euphoric effects of edibles will last much longer after you start to feel them. Not only that, but the effects are much stronger too.

For someone looking to take cannabis edibles for insomnia or sleep problem, you should take the edibles at least 60 minutes before you go to sleep, at which point you should begin to feel calmer and more relaxed as you close your eyes. But if you consume edibles right before you attempt to sleep, you will likely stay up in bed for 1 to 2 hours before you feel relaxed. Which doesn’t help you with your sleep problems.

Sometimes it can take longer to feel the effects if you have a slower digestive system. Don’t forget that everyone has a different level of digestive health. Some people can process food and metabolize nutrients very quickly, while other people take a much longer time for their bodies to absorb nutrients.


The Final Verdict

THC and CBD edibles will generally kick in at about 30 to 60 minutes after consumption. One type of edible does not kick in faster than a different kind of edible. Some people believe that THC edibles work more quickly, but that is not the case. They are more potent cannabinoids, not faster-acting cannabinoids.

As you learned from this article, the digestive system plays the most significant role in the length of time it takes for cannabinoids to kick in. Everyone has a different metabolism speed, so the length of time will vary between individuals. If you wish to speed up the process as much as possible, try to consume the edibles on an empty stomach.

If your stomach is full of other food and you attempt to eat cannabis-infused food, it will take longer for the cannabinoids to metabolize and get absorbed.When you have an empty stomach, the cannabis-infused food will get processed much faster in your digestive system. It is the best chance you’ll have of feeling the effects within 30 minutes after consumption rather than 60 minutes.