Cricket betting in India has exploded over the last couple of years. While the art of betting was once considered taboo in the region, the younger generation is now happy to place bets on their favourite cricket matches. You can’t really blame them as more and more Indians now have access to the latest in both mobile and internet technology. Gone are the days of only the elite parading around with their Nokia handsets. The influx of Chinese brands such as Xiaomi have brought handsets into the reach of the common man. Advancements in the internet has also meant that punters in India can be confident that their internet will be fast enough to see their desired bets going through. With these factors in mind, it comes as no surprise that sports betting in India has increased by a considerable amount. In this article we will look into the potential benefits and the risks associated with betting.

Cricket Betting as Entertainment

Let’s be honest here, we all cherish the opportunity of making an extra bit of moolah and no act is more pleasing to see than your betting team earning you some money. Let us be perfectly clear by stating that money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can sure provide a decent amount of entertainment. With IPL 2021 just around the corner, it will give punters all over India a chance to back their favourite teams, favourite players and potentially make money by doing so as well. Speaking of making money, this brings us to the second benefit of cricket betting.

You can Make Money by Placing Bets

While there are certainly more professional doctors, engineers , lawyers out there in the world, there is no reason why you cannot be a professional gambler. Poker tournaments have become a very common sight across the globe and individuals that have a knack for statistics with side order of good luck have certainly turned their attention towards betting full time. Once again, we would like to point out that we are not encouraging you to place high stakes bets as a source of viable income. But if you study the variables associated with a cricket match then you are most likely to win money by betting on the said matches.

Feeling of Victory

If like us you geek out on player statistics and weather and pitch conditions, then you will know exactly how it feels to place bets on a match only for them to come true. Placing bets on MS Dhoni to guide his team to another IPL final and for that to come true certainly will provide a level of happiness.

Different Bookmakers to Choose From

Perhaps the best bit about betting in India is the plethora of book makers that have now entered the market. Take a site such as Cricket Betting, that gives you the list of licensed bookmakers in India. These bookmakers will be distinct from one another, each presenting their games in a way that differentiates them from the competition. Some will provide a basic interface while others will inundate with tons of stats. Some will also entice with special promotions such as Free Bets by which you will be able to place risk free bets on their platform! Yes, that does really happen. With increased competition, bookmakers try out different ways to attract punters to their site and handing out free bets, cashbacks and other promotions is a way of doing that.

Now that we have listed some of the benefits of online betting, it is also important to take the risks into consideration.

Loss of Money

Make no bones about this. You can certainly lose money when placing bets on cricket. If that were not the case then bookmakers would simply not exist. They provide you with odds that are carefully calculated that entice you for sure but also are in the favour of the bookmaker. By betting you are taking a chance of whether that outcome will come true or not. Loss of money is therefore a natural and very real risk of betting. For new gamblers, it is almost certain that you will end up losing money the first time you place bets on a cricket match.

There could be several reasons which could range from not understanding the odds correctly or the different markets that you can bet on to not reading the terms and conditions properly. While the Free Bets mentioned earlier are a great way to get to familiarise yourself with the bookmaker, they usually come with some requirements. It is therefore essential that you read these before you deposit money and place bets.

Then there are factors that are simply not in your control at all such as weather. A test match may start well for India but a change in weather might help the opposition which could lead to the eventual loss of the Indian team and your bet if you were backing the boys in blue. Similarly pitch conditions and mental and physical health of the players can also impact the outcome of a bet.

Backing India to Win Every Cricket Match

While punters in India would love to see their national side win every match and every tournament, this is simply unrealistic. Yes, India on paper might prove to be superior to the other team but once again certain factors mentioned earlier might lead to their loss. Avoid placing bets with your heart and instead use your mind when putting down bets. Be rational rather than emotional and don’t support your side with betting if you feel the opposition has a better chance of winning.

In summary, cricket betting has the same benefits and risks associated when you talk about betting in other sports. You need to exercise good judgement and not have an addictive personality. Always practice responsible gambling and follow the age old saying of betting an amount that you can afford.