The 10 Most Common Laptop Problems and Their Possible Solutions

Laptops have made our life so much easier as one carry their laptops wherever they want due to the portability of laptops. You can work from anywhere and distance isn’t an issue anymore. There are many advantages of using a laptop and it has been said that laptops will overtake computers as being the electronic device of choice for individuals.

They can be used for various reasons such as work, studying, research, playing video games and much more. The laptops of today are not what they used to be back in the day. They are highly powerful and can perform just about every single task for you with just a click of a button and in a few seconds. The growth of laptops is only likely to continue until everyone in the world has their own laptop.

There are various laptops options to choose from such as Apple, IBM, Samsung, HP and much more. Each of these companies provides you with laptops that offer different features but what they have in common is the portability and ease of use which comes with laptops. However, there are some problems which come with using a laptop. This guide will provide you with the possible solutions for these problems.


Problem No. 1: Programs Running Slowly

One of the most annoying problems when you use a laptop or PC for that matter is when the programs run slowly. It can be frustrating and daunting especially when there is some work which you have to do. It is also one of the most common problems which laptop users face. If you are downloading a file or trying out a new game on your laptop then it is possible for the programs to start running slowly.

Solution: Memory

Now, the main reason behind the programs running slowly could be the lack of memory or rather low random access memory (Ram). RAM is used for storing data temporarily such as when you are running programs. If your laptop has a RAM lower than 2GB then it is time for you to increase it. The higher the RAM the better the performance, after all, the more memory you have, the more programs you would be able to run simultaneously.

A quick solution to this problem for the time being would be to ensure that only few programs run at a time. It isn’t necessary for RAM to speed up your computer, but it will make the programs run much faster.  Therefore, it is associated with speed and memory.


Problem No. 2: Malware

Another common laptop problem which you could face is malware. It is a type of software which damages your computer. You need to have installed it for it to cause any problems regardless of which, it is very common.

You must be thinking how is it downloaded, well the answer is simple, when you download anything from the internet which doesn’t come from a genuine website, it results in malware entering your computer. Once, you run the program, it will start damaging your laptop and will slow it down.

Solution: Download Malware Scanners

The way to ensure that no malware is downloaded on your laptop is by downloading malware scanners in the laptop. They will scan for the laptop whenever you download a file and ensure that a malware is not downloaded on your laptop. There are many malware scanners which are available and can be bought online. If you want to avoid having to go through such a situation then you need to ensure that you do not download anything from the internet which is impossible. Hence, download a malware scanner on your laptop in order to protect it.


Problem No. 3: Internet Connectivity Issues

God bless the internet! Since, the advent of the internet, our lives have changed for the better. We can work remotely and even consider living a life as a digital nomad and working from different parts of the globe such as Bali or even Karachi. One of the most annoying things which one could face is internet connectivity issues. It makes you feel disconnected from the world. There could be a problem with the ISP or the internet service provider which could result in the internet connectivity issues.

Solution: Windows Troubleshoot or Contact Internet Service Provider

If you encounter internet connectivity issues then it is best for you to use windows troubleshoot to identify what type of network connection issue has occurred so that you can have it fixed. In most cases, there could be an internet signals issue for which you can consider restarting the router or placing the router in a place where it can catch more signals. Alternatively, you can contact your internet service provider for support and they will be happy to help.


 Problem No. 4: Hard Drive Failure

Dealing with a hard drive failure has serious issues as it prevents you from even using the laptop altogether. It could also mean that you might experience losing your precious data which you had stored on the said hard drive. The hard drive would become corrupt and you might end up losing all that data, yikes!

Solution: Backup, Replacement or Repair of Hard Drive

As hard drive failure is one of the most common laptop problems, there are various solutions which can help you solve the problem. Firstly, you can try having all the files restored through system restore or backup. However, if you hadn’t regularly backed up the hard drive then you might end up losing all the data.

The good news is no matter the hard drive problem; your laptop will end up working as the hard drive can be replace or repaired. It is vital for you to be prepared for such an occurrence since the first day you start using the laptop. Reach out to laptop repair to have your problem solved in no time. They are expert in computer repair and will get your laptop running in no time.


Problem No. 5: Frozen Screen

Just the thought of it makes one annoyed but experiencing it is another thing. When you have a severe failure of hardware, your laptop screen will freeze and even lock up in some cases. It can also be due to software issues, so make sure to not rule it out. You might have to just look at the screen and just wait.

Solution: Windows Task Manager

Normally, you can solve a frozen screen by using windows task manager. It will force-close all the problematic applications so as to ensure that the screen starts working and recovers from its frozen state. However, there are also cases in which the computer would lock up entirely and the only way which will get the laptop fixed is by getting a reboot for the laptop.


Problem No. 6: Overheating

Another highly common laptop problem which people face is their laptop overheating. It is extremely common for your laptop to start overheating. It is quite natural for your laptop to overheat as the parts inside the laptop are being used and these parts heat up when you sit on your sofa for extended hours scrolling through facebook or binging on Netflix. Overheating occurs in the hard drives, CPU, graphics card, internal and external drives as well as the motherboard.

Solution: Laptop Cooling Fan

The solution is as simple as its name. When you use a laptop, it is natural that it would overheat but the way you tackle this issue is by getting a laptop cooling fan. It is as cool as it sounds. The cooling fan will be inserted on the laptop and placed below it. It functions like a cooler at an industrial plant and will ensure that all the components in your laptop remain at a reasonable temperature. Always get a laptop cooling fan for your laptop so as to avoid any chances of it overheating.


Problem No. 7: Weird Noises

Normally, laptops are silent and would only cause some noise when you perform a certain task such as clicking the volume button to increase the volume. Otherwise, it would remain silent. However, the optical disk drives and hard drives do make a distinct noise when they process something. Some laptops which are already installed in the laptop also have a weird noise. It can get quite annoying and even difficult for you to focus due to such noises.

Solution: Laptop Repair

If you notice too many weird noises when you use the laptop then it might be time for you to contact the laptop repair specialist. He will take care of the problem and replace old components such as graphic cards, fans, hard drivers and other relevant things with new components. However, you should be able to tolerate the random sounds which the laptop makes when it performs a certain function.


Problem No. 8: Programs Don’t Install

Another problem which is one of the most frustrating for laptop users to handle, its rather annoying having to deal with such an issue especially when you want to download the latest programs or applications on your laptop. There are many reasons why the program or application might not be able to get installed on your laptop and the main reason behind is the application not being compatible with the laptop software such as in the case of the application requiring the latest software in order to function.

Solution: Download the Latest Software

Usually, there are minimal requirements for downloading and running an application. But, if the application you wish to download is more hardware-intensive such as in the case of the latest photo shop software or a powerful game then you would need to download the latest software on your laptop for it to work. Even if you install the application on your laptop if you haven’t downloaded the latest software, you would end up experiencing the application running rather slow. Therefore, make sure to download all the latest software on your laptop to avoid this.


Problem No. 9: Blue Screen of Death

It usually refers to the Microsoft Windows Stop error. It usually indicates that there is a serious problem with the driver or hardware which needs immediate attention. It normally accompanies an error in code and it might even show a list of error codes to show an indication of what went wrong.

Solution: Laptop Repair

There isn’t much you can do about the blue screen on your own. Therefore, it is important for you to contact laptop repair to get the problem fixed. The laptop repair specialist will know just what to do and will take care of the problem in no time. Check out the best laptop repair if you want to get rid of the problem fast.


Problem No. 10: Missing Files

Another common laptop problem which you will probably experience is missing files. Just when you needed that important file, it will turn out that the file isn’t available on your laptop. Good luck finding it! No matter how much you scroll, there will be no way you will be able to find the missing files. It can get extra frustrating if you have a deadline in place. You will definitely end up getting mad at the laptop or even yourself for not being able to find the file.

Solution: System Restore or Backup

If you want to recover missing files then the first thing you need to know is that you need to ensure that you backup all the files on a regular basis meaning that your Saturday or Sunday should be spent on backup because you just can’t know when the laptop will experience such an issue.

Now, it is relatively easy to use backup. You can find it by searching the run bar and the application will open up once you click on it. Find the last time you had backed up the files and hopefully it was soon because your laptop will go back to that period.


In addition to this, if you want to avoid such an issue altogether then use the cloud to store all your important files for peace of mind.

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