The Best Way to Care For Tungsten Wedding Bands

tungsten ring

Is there a special way of cleaning or taking care of Tungsten rings?

Many desire to understand how to care for tungsten carbide rings.  Perhaps you would also. It’s not too tough to take care of high quality tungsten wedding bands when you understand how. You could be amazed by how simple it truly is to care for any particular wedding rings. Please read on to learn a rather simple way it is possible to watch over your wedding bands in only employing these 3 simple steps…


To begin with, you’ll need to prevent falling or hitting on the tungsten ring with hard objects. While it’s scratch resistant, you cannot say it isn’t brittle. Unlike stone, which can be self-evident, tungsten is not and best practice would be to be mindful.

The next step you will want to take would be to wash your tungsten rings with soap and water only. Never use jeweler’s ultrasonic cleaner, steam cleaners, ionic cleaners or other substances in cleaning the tungsten because these agents cause corrosion and spotting to the wedding rings.

The third and last step is would be to wash your tungsten rings using dry fabric. Never air dry your tungsten rings since it will cause spotting.


Simply observe the steps set forth above. When you do, you will be able to care for tungsten wedding bands easily and without problems. This process worked for a number of others; it is going to in all probability work well and gives outstanding results for you as well! Just do what you need to do, and carefully avoid the probable risks outlined above. Then the only thing left over for you to do is going to be to take advantage of the great benefits you’re likely to receive when you too, maintenance for tungsten wedding bands.