As a proud follower of Judaism, it is important to know about the best cheapest Judaica stores. The land of Israel is filled with Judaica stores but only few offer the best items for the most affordable prices. These stores have amazing designs which incorporate creativity and religion to offer some amazing items. No ritual would be complete without having all your essentials from a Judaica store.

Israel is home to some of the most exquisite Judaica stores. The quality of the items at a Judaica store in the country, are of such a high quality that nowhere in the world could one find such amazing items. Some of the stores are even run by designers. You could find a Judaica store by just walking in the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem or on Kind David Street. If you don’t have time for window shopping and want to get straight to the best and cheapest Judaica stores, then here are the 5 best cheap Judaica stores which you need to check out.

  1. Jewish Shop

Just like the name of the shop itself, the Jewish Shop is one which every Jew or follower of the religion should know of. Whether you are looking for a Challah Board, Atara for tallit, kippah, or a gold Star of David pendent, you can find it all at the Jewish Shop. It is one the best Cheap Judaica Store in Israel.

The Challah Board at the store comes in a thick, non-breaking glass look. The Atara for Tallit can be found in plastic squares that are silver colored. Get a stunning cloth kippah at the shop for the most amazing price. It is dedicated to ensuring that everyone is able to buy their Judaica items for the best prices. No matter which price range you might be looking for, chances are that you will be able to find an item at the Jewish Shop which will suit your price range. Order items online and they will be delivered to your location in a short amount of time. No matter where you live in Israel, or in the world, whatever you buy will be delivered to you.

Check out the hottest deals for the following items.

  • Kiddush Cups
  • Jewish Jewelry
  • Shabbat Candlesticks
  • Challah Covers
  • Challah Boards
  • Mezuzahs
  • Havdalah
  • Tallits
  • Tzitzits
  • Tefillin
  • Kippot
  • Shteders
  • Washing Cups
  • Shofars
  1. Modern Tribe

Another great Judaica Store which is the best and cheapest is Modern Tribe. It is a place for anyone looking for innovative and stylish items.  The modern designs are invented for the Jewish way of life. If you love modern Jewish living, then you will certainly love the store. The Jewish products are uniquely designed to bring color to your life.

If you are shopping for Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts or Jewish jewelry, you can always find an item at Modern Tribe which will blow your mind away. Only those products are sold on the website which have been well-designed and are stunning.

  1. Traditions Jewish Gifts

The list for the best cheap Judaica Stores would not be complete without Traditions Jewish Gifts. The family run ecommerce store is one of a kind. Find one of the largest collections of Judaica gifts on the website. Based on Jewish Traditions, it is a store which started from humble beginnings. The store has grown significantly since it first started out in 1991. If you are looking for the best Jewish gifts then you don’t have to go far, just head over to the Traditions Jewish Gifts website and order items which will blow your mind.

There are Torah gifts for bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs. Check out the handcrafted Judaica jewelry which has been handcrafted with great care. On top of Judaica gifts, check out the wedding gifts, Mezuzah, Menorahs and Jewish holiday gifts. It is the ultimate place to go to if you are looking for your Judaica items fix.

  1. Zion Judaica

Zion Judaica offers a wide selection of the finest Judaica for the best prices. They provide exclusive products as well which cannot be found anywhere else. Choose from any of the thousands of Judaica items to practice your faith with zest. Some of the items that are available on the website include exquisite Judaic art pieces, Jewish gifts and Jewish holiday gifts.

If you are attending a ceremony such as a Jewish wedding, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah then you should check out the items at Zion Judaica. Get the best kippot, benchers, and ketubbah with just a click of a button. There are beautiful tallit which are also available. One can also find a separate Shabbat section where they will see items to rest. Check out some of the most amazing Shabbat candles for affordable prices. A full range of challah accessories can also be found such as Challah knives ad Challah boards.

  1. World of Judaica

Ever since it started out in 2008, World of Judaica gas grown into a huge online retailer where one can find high-quality Judaica for the best prices and every occasion. Buy items that are made by the biggest names in Israel.

A vast range of products can be found on the online store. You can find Jewish cutlery, apparels, Jewish home items, jewelry, and items for Jewish occasions, and Judaica. Each of the products has been carefully designed by the leading Israeli designers. The items are highly durable and of good quality. You can trust World of Judaica to provide you with products that are meant for the Jewish lifestyle.

There is something about the store which sets it apart from others. Make sure to check it out to get an idea why it truly is the best.



The Jewish lifestyle requires adherence. Whether you are a moderate or an orthodox Jew, each of the cheap stores has something for you. The online stores have been selected to make your life much easier. You can also check out the hottest deals for the following items at